In the upcoming weeks I will continue to add treat and party ideas for Christmas so check back often!  For more sweet treats for Christmas, click here, really, they are pretty adorable, you'll thank me.

I created this sweet sleeping mouse especially for Bird's Party Magazine, (Winter 2012 edition) It is made out of a Rice Krispie Treat, Jordan Almond, fruit roll up, peppermint candy sticks and sprinkles. For a full tutorial, click here.

Sleeping like a baby. Marshmallow, Jordan Almond, Smarties, Fruit Roll Up and sprinkles in a walnut shell. Makes you want to say "Awwwww." This one really is too cute to eat.

Nope, not a cookie.  It's a Kit Kat bar. A white chocolate one.  I flipped it over and this is the back of the candy bar - I very lightly brushed blue food coloring on it with a paper towel and went to town with sprinkles and icing.  The moon is a Necco wafer and I added Santa and his reindeer with an edible marker. 

Pa rum pum pum pum.  Little toy drum marshmallow pops wrapped in fruit rollups. Easy, cute, done. Badum-ching.

This cute little graham cracker fireplace is made with 2 graham crackers and Nutella spread in the middle.  I decorated it with a white Kit Kat mantel, Fruit roll up stockings and fire that I cut out using kitchen shears and a chocolate wafer for the opening.  Then I added sprinkles using a toothpick and a little frosting. It was so fun to make!

Santa's sleigh never looked so cute!  Just take 4 wafer cookies and attach with frosting.  Add mini candy canes with frosting or melted white chocolate.  The wreath is a Lifesaver candy and sprinkles and the gifts are Starburst and Jolly Rancher Chews.  Add icing and sprinkles and you have Santa's sleigh in the bag!  Great edible crafts for the kiddos too!

Lindt truffles all dressed for the holidays!  I used white pearl food coloring mist on a white truffle and decorated with with a red edible marker with swirls. A milk chocolate truffle was dipped into red candy melts and rolled in red sugar sprinkles.  A little fondant snowflake topped it off.  Gold food coloring mist covered a white truffle and dusted with glitter dust.  I used a red edible marker for the stars.  I topped all of the ornaments with a Mallow Bit that was sprayed with silver food coloring mist.

This little snowman, er um, snowmouse was made out of a Lindt white chocolate truffle and a Jordan almond.  I sprayed pearl food coloring mist on the truffle to give it shine and then added the jordan almond, Smarties for ears, chinese noodles for arms and sprinkles all using melted white chocolate.  You do have to hold the ears and arms into place until the chocolate sets, so it does take a little patience.  The trees are Jet-Puffed christmas marshmallows that I decorated with sprinkles.  Frost the cupcakes using white buttercream and dip them into sugar sprinkles  and add snowflake sprinkles and you have a yummy little winter wonderland!

Roly poly Santa mouse that is sweet and cute too!  His belly is full of Lindt chocolate truffley goodness (like mine these days) and dipped into red candy melts then rolled in red sugar sprinkles.  I attached a licorice lace with the candy melt and added a mini yellow Chiclet gum for a buckle.  His little head is a Jordan almond and the ears are Smarties.  His hat is the tip of a sugar cone dipped in red candy melt and then rolled in red sugar sprinkles. A white sugar pearl sits on top.  To add the white nonpariels to the hat and body, use a toothpick dipped in white candy melts and sprinkle them on.   For instructions on the sled, see the sled photo above.

The chocolate bears from Lindt Chocolate USA are super cute wrapped up, but here they are unwrapped! I just used an edible marker to fill in the details and added a scarf made from a fruit roll up!

BOING!! Jack in the Box is popping out to say Merry Christmas!  This little cutie completely edible.  For a full step by step tutorial of how to make this little guy, click here.

These pudgy dumplings of reindeer are made from the chocolately goodness of Lindor truffles.  I added an almond and drew eyes on it with an edible marker. A black confetti nose finished off the adorbs face.  The antlers are chinese noodles and the legs and tail are chocolate jimmies  these all require patience as you have to hold them into place until they dry.  I attached everything with melted chocolate and placed it onto a white chocolate Oreo.  Adding jumbo star sprinkles competed this cute Christmas cookie!

White chocolate dressed up all cute like.  I took 2 white chocolate Lindor truffles and attached them with a little melted white chocolate.  Then I drew in the face with an edible marker, added sprinkles on the face, body and large confetti sprinkles for the earmuffs.  I piped blue icing for the top of the earmuffs.  Finally I added a little scarf around him made of a fruit roll up and added snowflake sprinkles to his earmuffs for cute details. 

I get it.  Mom is tired.  Mom wants to make a special breakfast for the kids for Christmas like homemade cinnamon rolls or pancakes in cute shapes.  But Mom needs a break and the kids will love these!  Grab a cherry Pop-tart, and using your kitchen shears, cut green fruit roll ups into strips.  Assemble into a tree shape and add a start sprinkle.  Done. Cute. Mom is awesome and can go back to bed because it's still dark out.