Polar Bear Truffles

So cute, it's un-bearable.

You will need:


White LINDOR Truffle

Black edible marker

White chocolate chips

Mini brown candy coated chocolate


1.  Melt a few white chocolate chips in microwave until smooth.


2.  For the bear's ears, dip the top of the white chocolate chips into the melted white chocolate and place on top of the truffle with the bottom of the chips facing the front.  Hold in place until secure.


3.  Using the black edible marker, make 2 dots on the front of the truffle for the eyes.


4.  Dip the mini brown candy coated chocolate in the melted white chocolate an attach to the front of the truffle for the nose.



This post was written for my partnership with Lindt USA.  All opinions are my own.  Really, I do love their chocolate.