No-Bake Gingerbread Heads

Want to get right to the fun part?  Decorating?  You can make these cute little cookies in a snap!  Literally!  All you need is a box of store-bought gingersnaps, icing, a black edible marker and lots and lots of sprinkles!

You will need:


Box of Nabisco Ginger Snaps cookies

White writing icing

Black edible marker

Variety of sprinkles

1.  Pipe dashed lines round the edge of the cookies with white writing icing.  Let dry completely.


2.  Now you are free to decorate any way you'd like!

Best Dressed Gingerbread Head.  Draw a smile with a black edible marker and decorate with heart, holly & confetti sprinkles.  Use the writing icing to attach the spinkles.  Let dry completely.

For Snap Gingerbread Head,  cut a "bite" using a biscuit cutter out of one edge of the cookie.  For eyes using a black edible marker color in part of the white confetti sprinkles.

Make this Starlight Bowtie Gingerbread Head with heart sprinkles and a large white round sprinkle decorated with a red edible marker.

Jumbo flower and heart spinkles make a Cutie Patootie Gingerbread Head.

Jumbo heart, mini flower and confetti sprinkles make a Simply Sweet Gingerbread Head.

Snowflake Gingerbread Head uses jumbo snowflake, trees and confetti sprinkles.

Make a Flower Girl Gingerbrad Head with white snowflake and confetti sprinkles.

My favorite - Puppy Gingerbread Head.  While I was taking photos of my gingerbread heads I left the room and checked out how my photos looked on the computer.  I heard a loud "CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH" and saw my beagle Kurby licking his chops. Luckily he ate a ginger snap that wasn't decorated.  So he inspired me to make this sweet little doggy.


Add some ears made from Tootsie Rolls softened in the microwave for a few seconds and a small black jelly bean for the nose. 

Gingy Snap. I had to make one that looked like Gingy from the movie Shrek


Using red writing icing, pipe in Gingy's mouth,  Add white confetti spinkle eyes and blue jimmies sprinkles for eyebrows.