Sweet Sleeping Christmas Mouse

This little guy is almost too sweet to eat! Fun for the kids to create this no bake treat will have everyone saying "Awwwww."

You will need:


  • 1 Rice Krispie Treat
  • 1 white Jordan Almond
  • 2 small marshmallows
  • 2 white Smarties candies
  • 1 red Fruit Roll Up
  • 4 mini candy canes
  • 4 cinnamon candies
  • Melted white chocolate or white Candy Melts
  • Small pink confetti sprinkle
  • White snowflake sprinkles
  • Black edible marker

1.     Lay Rice Krispie Treat flat and put 2 small marshmallows in the middle. 

2.     Cover ¾ of the Rice Krispie treat with the Fruit Roll Up on top and trim with kitchen shears.

3.     Draw eyes on the Jordan Almond with an edible black marker.  Attach pink confetti on the tip of the almond using a toothpick with melted white chocolate.  Add almond head and 2 white Smarties for ears and secure with melted white chocolate

4.     Cut the curved ends off of candy canes and attach with melted white chocolate to each corner of the Rice Krispie Treat.  Top each candy cane with a cinnamon candy. Next add snowflake sprinkles to the blanket, secure with melted white chocolate.

Now you have a sweet sleeping mouse dreaming of Christmas morning! 

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Change it up for your Fiesta too! 

To make siesta mice for Cinco de Mayo, subsitute Tropical Tie Dye Fruit Roll Ups for the blanket and add a fondant cactus headboard using a cactus shaped cookie cutter.