Jack-in-the-Box Treat

Boing!  This little guy is popping out with a big Christmas "Hi"!  Easy no-bake treat that's fun to make!

You will need:


Rice Krispie Treat
Fruit by the Foot
Ribbon Candy
Starlight mint
Lindt white chocolate truffle
Ice cream cone
Small round cinnamon candy
Jumbo Star sprinkles
Small star sprinkles
Pink confetti sprinkles
White nonpareils
Large white pearl sprinkle
Black edible marker
White candy melts (or white chocolate), melted

1.  Cut Rice Krispie treat in half.  Place one on top of another and press firmly.  Cut into a square (about 1”x1”).

2. Wrap with Fruit by the Foot, this will take 2 rows, one above and overlap one below.  It will stick to itself.  Cut more Foot by the Fruit and place on top of the square to cover.  Attach Jumbo star sprinkles using a toothpick dipped in candy melts.

3. Carefully break a little of the ribbon candy and attach to box with candy melts.  Then attach the green starlight mint with candy melt.

4. Draw face on white truffle with an edible marker.  Using a toothpick dipped in candy melts, add the pink confetti cheeks and cinnamon candy nose.  Attach head to starlight mint using candy melts.


5. Carefully cut off the tip of an ice cream cone and wrap the tip of the cone using the Fruit by the Foot.  Add mini star confetti and dip base in candy melts and immediately dip into the white nonpareils.  Add a large pearl sprinkle on top and attach hat to truffle using candy melts.


Now you have a cute edible craft to display or eat!