Sweet Angels

Sweet angels that taste heavenly too!

You will need:


Lindt LINDOR White chocolate truffles

Edible black marker

Vanilla meringue cookies

Yellow Lifesavers (pineapple)

White candy coating wafers

Small pretzels

Crystal sprinkles

1.     Using a black edible marker, draw the angel face on the white truffle.

2.     Cut a small amount off the top of a meringue cookie to make it flat.

3.     Melt white candy coating according to package instructions.  Dip the bottom of the truffle into the melted candy coating and attach it to the top of the cookie.  Hold in place until set.

4.     Using a toothpick dipped in melted candy coating, attach the yellow Lifesaver to the top of the angel's head for a halo.

5.     Using a fork, dip preztels into the candy coating.  Tap the fork on the rim of the bowl to remove excess and place on parchment paper.  Immediately sprinkle with crystal sprinkles.  Let dry.

6.     Dip the bottom ends of the 2 pretzels into the melted candy coating and attach to the back of the angel's body.  Hold in place until set.

This post was written for my partnership with Lindt USA.  All opinions are my own.  Really, I do love their chocolate.