Snow Globe Moon Pie

Super easy, super breezy.

You will need:


1 vanilla double decker Moon Pie

1 can vanilla frosting

Shredded sweetened coconut

2 marshmallows, regular size

1 mint leaf gumdrop

1 toothpick

black edible marker

orange edible marker

1 round bottom drinking glass


1.  Spread vanilla frosting on top of the moon pie.


2.  Sprinkle coconut on top of the frosting.


3.  Make dots for eyes and mouth for the snowman on a marshmallow with a black edible marker.


4.  Draw in a carrot nose with the orange edible marker on the marshmallow.  


5.  Attach the marshmallow head to the marshmallow body of the snowman with frosting.


6.  Place marshmallow snowman and mint gumdrop tree on top of the moon pie.


7.  Place the drinking glass upside down over the moon pie.

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