A Charlie Brown Christmas

It's no secret that I'm a Snoopy freak. I just HAD to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the BEST.CHRISTMAS.MOVIE.EVER.   



I had so much fun creating these treats! I started with Snoopy's Doghouse.

Snoopy's house is actually made out of graham crackers, not gingerbread. You might be wondering why isn't Snoopy's house red? In the show "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Snoopy's house is BLUE! Trust me, I've seen the movie about a million times. Not even kidding.


Remember when Snoopy won the decorating contest? I HAD to try to replicate his house! For more information on how I made Snoopy's house (and dog dish), click here.

One of my favorite songs in the show the one titled "Skating" by Vince Guaraldi Trio. I just frosted my cupcakes white, rolled the edges in clear sugar sprinkles and added blue gel icing on top.I cut Peanuts characters skating out of cardstock and taped them to toothpicks and put them in the middle of each cupcake! Super easy!

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie was so fun to make. For instructions on how I made these and my ice cream cone tree lot, click here.

Lucy's Psychiatric Booth was made from Rice Krispie Treats wrapped with strawberry Fruit by the Foot. I colored a popsicle stick cut in half with a red edible marker and attached everything together with melted chocolate. The lettering is made using a black edible marker and the white sign is a small amount of white fondant.

Good Ol' Charlie Brown deserves a treat of his own - Charlie Brownies! Just add a yellow candy coating wafer to the top of your mini brownies or store bought brownies with melted chocolate and draw Charlie's shirt pattern on top with a black edible marker!

I have to confess. I have pretty much the entire collection of the Department 56 Peanuts Christmas Village. So I had to add my Charlie Brown and Snoopy figurines. 

Snoopy cookies are a must! I cut out sugar cookies and decorated them with white cookie icing and jumbo tree sprinkles. Then I added cinnamon candy sprinkles and let dry overnight. I drew on Snoopy's face with a black edible marker. You can purchase the Snoopy cookie cutter here.

Happy 50th Anniversary A Charlie Brown Christmas!!!!




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