Cute Food


 SO MUCH CUTE FOOD, SO LITTLE ROOM! For even more cute food, click HERE or on the "More Cute Food" tab on your left.  Seriously, you don't want to miss these adorable treats.  Trust. 

cute food, cute penguin cookie, penguin cookie, valentine cookie, cute valentine cookie

This cute little guy is made from an Oreo.  Frost with cookie icing and decorate with sprinkles, he is one cool dude.

I choo-choo choose you!  Pink wafer cookies and cherry Lifesavers make a fun treat for Valentine's Day!  Add some heart sprinkles and you're on the right track to a great dessert!

Dip some pretzels in Candiquik and coat in pink sugar sprinkles, attach a sour punch straw in the middle along with a conversation heart with a smiley face (use a black edible marker) and you have a cute snack that will make anyone's heart flutter!

Peanut Butter and Jelly are so good together!  I put together this treat using a toaster pastry and mini toast crackers.  Just frost with cookie icing, add sprinkles, candy eyes and a cute smile with and edible black marker!

A lovely little cupcake topper made from a shortbread tartlet and love birds made from pink & red peanut M&M's. What a sweet tweet!

Made from an Golden Oreo Cakester, this lion is decorated with jumbo heart sprinkles for the mane and nose and yellow M&M's for the ears.  Add a face with an edible marker and you have a super easy treat - and I'm not lion!

Grumpy Cat, Grumpy Cat Cupcake, Tardar Sauce

For when you're "feline" grumpy.

sweetr sleeping mouse, rice krispie treat mouse, jordan almond, cute christmas treat

Cute, right? I mean come on. And sweet. Sleeping on a Rice Krispie Treat, this little Jordan Almond mouse is dreaming of Christmas. With Smarties candies as ears, a fruit roll up blanket and peppermint stick bed posts, this little cutie is just too sweet to eat. Here's a full tutorial on how to make this little guy.

Booooiiinnnggg!!! Jack is popping out to say "Merry Christmas!"  I know you want to make him.  For a full tutorial, click here.

This colorful little sleigh is made of wafer cookies, mini candy canes sprinkles and candy chews.  A green Lifesaver wreath decorates the front of the sleigh!  Held together by frosting, so super easy to make!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...graham cracker sammies will keep you warm and toasty!  Spread a little Nutella between two graham crackers and decorate with a white Kit Kat mantel, fruit roll up stockings, a wafer cookie and sprinkles!

A pudgy little reindeer made of a Lindt chocolate truffle, sprinkles and chow mein noodles.  He sits on a white chocolate dipped Oreo with star sprinkles. 

Visions of sugarplums... a cute little Jordan Almond mouse snug in his walnut bed.  His marshmallow body is kept toasty warm under a blanket of fruit roll up!

I'd LOVE to walk through this winter wonderland with white chocolate snowmen truffles.  Sprinkles decorate the body and nose while jumbo sprinkles serve as earmuffs.  A line of blue icing hold the muffs together and a fruit roll up is a scarf to tie it all together!  Add a face with an edible marker and this little guy will melt your heart.

Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum.  Marshmallow drum pops covered with fruit roll ups and silver sprinkles. Pa-rum-pa-yum-yum.

Roly poly Santa mouse is a white chocolate truffle dipped in red candy melts and rolled in red sugar sprinkles.  His Jordan almond head topped with Smarties ears and a tip of an ice cream cone for his hat is covered with sugar sprinkles and white nonpareils.  A licorice lace belt and tiny Chiclet buckle is attached with red candy melt too! Make this little guy and you'll be on the "nice" list!

O Come Let Us Adore Him.  Rice Krispie Wisemice covered in fondant. 

Teeny Tiny Turkey Table

Thanksgiving dessert table, cute thanksgiving dessert, cute thanksgiving dessert for kids, kid friendly thanksgiving dessert, cute food thanksgiving, graham cracker thanksgiving table cookie

For a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make this adorable dessert, click here.

Turkey hot cocoa spoons that your kiddos will love!  Plastic spoons coated with melted chocolate, a chocolate candy melt for the head, add a sprinkles for the beak, wattle & feet.  Candy eyes and small marshmallows halved diagonally dipped in color sugar sprinkles made this an all in one cocoa sensation!

Fun fall wafer cookie wagons filled with candy pumpkins, sprinkles & shredded wheat.  The butterscotch candy wheels and pretzel handle complete this easy little snack!

Have your cake and eat pie too!  Thanksgiving pumpkin pie marshallow topper made from a slice of Pumpkin Spice mallows.  For more on how to make this cute treat, click here.

Turkey Popcorn Ball

Super sweet popcorn treat!  This little turkey is made from a popcorn ball and lollipops!  The head is a Tootsie pop with candy eyes and sprinkles for the rest of the face. Great for the kids table as a placecard too!

Probably the easiest treat EVER!  Store bought mini meringue cookies - just add a cute boo face with edible markers.  Done!  Cute to place on spooky trees for an edible centerpiece!

Black & White Halloween Cookies

Simply ice your sugar cookies, wait until they dry completely and decorate with a black edible marker!

Chocolate Bat Spoons

bat spoons, chocolate spoons, hot cocoa spoons, hot chocolate spoons, coffee spoons, halloween hot cocoa, halloween bat treat, halloween party

Bat-tastic chocolate spoons to make your hot cocoa extra special.  Or for your coffin break. Mwahahahahaha!

Caudron Donuts

donut cauldron, cupcake cauldron, hostess donette, halloween cauldron, cute halloween food, halloween party

This spooky cauldron is actually a yummy treat.  A mini chocolate donut in disguise covered in green sprinkles, chopped gummy worms, bone shaped candies, an eyeball candy and licorice handle.  I also added a little witch's broom made of shredded wheat, pretzel stick and fruit roll up.

Ding Dong Spiders

hostess ding dongs, spider ding dong, spider cupcake, halloween spider, cute spider

Spider Ding Dongs. The only kind of spider I like. Super easy - just add licorice ropes for legs (or pretzel sticks) and M&M's for eyes. Booyah! It's THAT simple!

Sno Ball Pumpkins

hostess snoballs, pumpkin sno ball, pumpkin cupcake, cute pumpkin, halloween sno ball, glo ball

Ok. LOVE these.  Hostess Sno Balls.  Except these Halloween ones are called Glo Balls. They are AWESOME. I added a pretzel rod for the stem and a green licorice lace for a cute yummy little pumpkin!

Eyeball Oreos

eye cookies, eyeball cookies, halloween cookies, spooky cookies, scary cookies, eyeball oreos, oreo cookies, halloween party

Creeper Peeper Cookies - Oreos dipped in white chocolate or candy melts with a colored candy melt on top.  Use a black edible marker and a white confetti sprinkle for the middle of the eye.  When completely dry, make squiggly lines with a red edble marker for the bloodshot look.  So easy "eye" couldn't believe it.

MoonPie Kitties

Moon Pies, Moon pie cats, halloween moon pies, cute food, halloween treats, halloween cookie, black cat cookie,

Banana MoonPies were my favorite snack growing up.  Actually they still are! Using a mini cookie cutter, I cut out fondant cats, added sprinkle eyes and made fondant tree branches for this more cute than spooky treat. (Side note- these are Double Decker MoonPies.  I strongly advise that you do not eat 3 of these on an empty stomach for breakfast. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything...)

Spider Donuts

spider donut, halloween donut, halloween treat, easy halloween snack idea

So I was eating mini donuts and I thought to myself, hmmmm, spiders. I added a little frosting, sprinkles, licorice lace and drew eyes on mini marshmallows with an edible black marker 'cause I didn't have an M&M's. Spooky what you can make with what's in your pantry...

Mummy Spoons

chocolate spoon, mummy spoon, halloween hot cocoa

These white chocolate mummy spoons are perfect with a cup of hot cocoa after trick-or-treating!

I've got cuteness on the brain.  These not so spooky treats are Oreo cookies with a candy melt coating.  I just used a Wilton brain mold and these little buggers popped out!

Pumpkin Pie Cupcake

pumpkin pie cupcake, cute food, thanksgiving cupcake, jet-puffed, pumpkin spice mallo, thanksgiving dessert, pie cupcake topper, harvest cupcake, fall, autumn

Cupcakes to pie for. These cute pumpkin pie cupcake toppers really do taste like pumpkin pie!  Using Pumpkin Spice Mallows, I cut them to resemble small pieces of pie. (The marshmallows are easier to cut if you use a wet knife).  Then I softened caramel in the microwave for a few seconds and rolled it flat.  I cut and shaped the caramel around the marshmallow slices to resemble pie crust.  Then I topped it off with a Vanilla Mallow Bit.  The caramel was the perfect compliment to the Pumpkin Spice Mallow - super yummy!

Scarecrow Marshmallow Pops

Sweet pumpkin scarecrow pops!  The heads are actually Jumbo Pumpkin Mallows dipped in orange candy melts.  The "straw" is coconut tinted yellow and the shirt is a Mallow Stackerthat I cut the corners from (Actually I used 2 Mallow stackers, one for the front and one for the back and attached them to the popsicle stick with candy melts).  Edible markers were used to make the plaid pattern and the faces on the pumpkin. 


Super cute for a Harvest Party!

Chocolate Graham Cracker Owl

owl graham cracker, owl cookie, cute owl snack, harvest snack, fall snack, harvest party treat, owl cookie

Whoooooo loves a cute snack?  I do!  I started with a chocolate graham cracker and spread a little Nutella on it. Then I placed some chocolate chips on the Nutella and halved some Ice Cream Cone Mallow Bites for the feathers and beak.  Next, I cut a Regular Jet-Puffled Marshmallow in half for the eyes along with Junior Mints and mini white sprinkles!


Candy Corn Oreo Spiders

What to do with the new and yummy Candy Corn Oreos?  Make Candy Corn Spiders Cookies!  Dip the Oreos in white candy melts, let dry.  Then pipe a white icing stripe in the middle and sprinkle with orange sugar sprinkles.  Let dry.  Do the same with yellow sprinkles.  Add yellow eyes and a licorice lace mouth.  Cut candy corn in half, horizontally and attach them to the cookie with candy melts.  Super cute.  The ONLY kind of spider that doesn't freak me out! :)

Rice Krispie Treat Candy Corn Mice

These Candy Corn Mice are made from Rice Krispie Treats.  For instructions on how to make them, click here...

Mini Mummies

Mummy snack, halloween snack, frosted mini wheats, cute cereal snack, mummy treat, halloween treat, easy halloween snack

Frosted Mini Mummy Wheats.  Super easy snack made from Frosted Mini Wheats cereal! With a little white icing, add sprinkles for eyes and your mummies are ready to munch!

Simple Skeleton Snack

skeleton cookie, halloween cookie, skeleton snack, easy halloween snack, halloween graham cracker, marshmallow skeleton, chocolate graham cracker snack

Make no bones about it, this skeleton snack is super easy to make!  Cut a marshmallow in half and add a cute face with a black edible marker.  Then pipe a simple skeleton with icing on a chocolate graham cracker.  That's it! So easy, it's scary.

Fun Fall Cookies

leaf cookies, cute fall cookies, autumn cookies, harvest cookies, maple cookies, maple leaf cookies,  harvest party

Dolled up store bought cookies all cute like for Fall.  Using Safeway brand maple leaf cookies, I sprayed food color mist on them, added candy eyes and some Rips Licorice for the stem, and drew on a little face with an edible black marker. What could be easier?

Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket Gumball

pumpkin cupcake topper, pumpkin gumball, pumpkin gumball bucket, pumpkin trick or treat bucket

These cute little cupcake toppers are actually made from gumballs!  For a full tutorial of how to create these, please see my guest blog post on

Trick or Treat Rice Krispie Treat Bucket

pumpkin rice krispie treat, pumpkin trick or treat bucket, halloween bucket, halloween trick or treat , halloween rice krispie treat

For a full tutorial on how to make these super cute treats, check out for my guest post!

Harvest Crow-eos

Harvest cookies, fall cookies, scarecrow cookies, crow cookies, autumn cookies, harvest oreos, cute oreos, crow oreos, scarecrow oreos, harvest party, fall snacks,

These super cute treats were made from Oreos!  The crows are regular Oreos with candy eyes and a Circus Peanut cut in the shape of a beak.  Tuck a few licorice laces in the cream filling for feathers on top!  The scarecrow is actually an Oreo Cakester with a hat made of fruit roll ups.  I added some mini wheat cereal for the straw and a flower sprinkle.  Candy eyes, a sprinkle nose and a mouth drawn in with an edible marker complete the sweet face!

Oktoberfest Beer & Pretzel Cupcake

oktoberfest cupcake, beer and pretzel cupcake, football cupcake, tailgating cupcake, oktoberfest dessert, oktoberfest party

The beer cupcake topper is made from a Dot candy with tiny white nonpareils sprinkles.  The pretzel is simply caramel softened in the microwave and shaped into a little pretzel with sugar on top.


Great little treat for a school project.  Mini donut with a pretzel and paper sail - a fun snack to make while learning all about Colombus Day.

Banana Dog

banana dog, cute food, cute banana, nilla wafers, banana dessert, food for kids, banana snack

A doggone cute snack - banana dog with mini Nilla Wafer feet! :)

Jellyfish Meringue Cookie Pop

Jellyfish cookie, meringue cookie, cute cookie, cute jellyfish, cookie pop

Jellyfish meringue pop. Meringue cookie dipped in candy melts. I pressed fondant through my garlic press for the tentacles. :)

Unicorn Cookie

unicorn cookies, fairytale cookies, pepperidge farm milano cookies, cute cookies, horse cookies, cute food

This little magical sweetie is good for any time of year. It’s made out of a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie dipped in white candy melts. Simply add some candy eyes and a small marshmallow cut diagonally for the ears. Use an edible black marker to draw the nose on a white candy melt. Then cut the mane out of blue fondant using a mini daisy cutter. Carefully cut the tip off of an ice cream cone for the horn.  It's cute. And lucky. And charming.  It's magically delicious!

Flamingo Cupcakes

flamingo cupcakes, cute cupcakes, cute food, tropical cupcakes, luau cupcakes, luau party, beach cupcakes, summer cupcakes, beach party

These cupcakes are topped with edible blue glitter flakes, neon fish confetti and flamingo lollipops.  Super cute & easy to make!

Apple Pretzels

back to school snack, apple pretzel, candy pretzel, cute food, back to school ideas, school party, teacher gift ideas, teacher appreciation day gift

Cute little "apples" to snack on!  Pretzels dipped in red candy melts - add a little green apple sour rope for the stem and you get the apple taste too!

Back-to-School Rice Krispie Treat

school snack, school treat, back to school treat, teacher snack, pencil pretzel, alphabet snack, afterschool snack

Here's a cute little Back-to-School snack!  A Rice Krispie Treat topped with white fondant.  I used edible markers to make it look like paper and added alphabet sprinkles.  The apple is a gumdrop with a green jimmie and heart sprinkle and the pencil is a pretzel stick wrapped in a yellow fruit roll up.  Just dip the end of the pencil in a little melted chocolate for the tip and roll a bit of red fruit roll up for the eraser. So what do you say? A+?

Meringue cookie beach umbrella cupcake

beach cupcake, beach umbrella cupcake, meringue cookie beach umbrella, meringue cookie umbrella, beach party, beach party ideas

Meringue Cookie Beach umbrellas!  Color with edible markers and push in a lollipop stick.  Add a sour belt for a towel and gumball beach ball and you're ready for the beach!

Beach Pail Snack

beach pail snack, beach cookie, sand bucket snack, goldfish snack, beach party ideas

Super yummy snack for the kids!  Fill a plastic cup full of goldfish crackers and top with a peanut butter cookie.  Lightly spread peanut butter on top of the cookie and dust with brown sugar.  Top with a Lifesaver (I used a red edible marker), a beach ball candy and starfish.  A licorice handle completes the beachy snack! Easy enough for the kids to make too!

Pez Flip Flops

Flip Flop Cupcake Toppers, candy flip flops, Pez flip flops, luau party, tropical party

These cute little Pez flip flops were so flippin' easy to make. Melt a little white chocolate or and attach a flower sprinkle! :)

Tiki Marshmallow Pop

luau marshmallow pops, tiki pops, cute luau ideas,

This Tiki Marshmallow Pop is made from a toasted coconut marshmallow (my fav), flower sprinkles and fruit roll ups.  Add a cute face with edible markers. Easy to make and perfect for a Luau party! :)

Sandy Beach Graham Crackers

sandy beach graham cracker, writing in the sand cookie, beach graham, beach cookie, summer graham, summer cookie, summer snack

These graham crackers are the perfect no-bake summer treat.  Add a little blue and white icing for waves and using a toothpick, write your own message in the "sand"

Pineapple Rice Krispie Treat Pops

pineapple pops, cute pineapple, pineapple rice krispie treats

Here's the only kind of pineapple I can eat since I'm allergic. Rice Krispie treat pineapples.  They're cuter than real ones anyway :)

Coconut Drink Cupcake Toppers

coconut drink cupcake topper, coconut cupcake, malted milk ball, tropical cupcake, summer cupcake

Here are little coconut drink cupcake toppers made from Whopper's malt ball candies a little licorice straw and sprinkles.  Just slice a little off of the top of the malt ball and attach the rest with a small amount of melted white chocolate.

Popsicle Cupcake

popsicle cupcake, summer cupcake, popsicle candy, cute popsicle, popsicle cupcake topper, summer treat, popsicle party, Mike and Ike

These cute little popsicle cupcake toppers were made from flat toothpicks pushed into Mike and Ike candies. :)

Sweet Balls of Fire!

4th of July dessert, firecracker candy, smoke balls, patriotic truffles, Lindt truffles, 4th of July candy, 4th of July party, 4th of July treats, red white and blue candy

Smoke Balls.  But these are sweet.  AND smell GOOD.  Lindt Truffles dipped in colored candy melts and then decorated with sprinkles.  Add a Rip Whip for a wick and cotton candy for smoke.  Now these are MY KIND of fireworks!

Fourth of July Flip Flops

flip flop cookies, 4th of July flip flops, red white and blue flip flops, summer cookies, 4th of july cookies, stars and stripes cookies, stars and stipes flip flops, patriotic cookies

Fourth of July Flip Flops.  Nutter Butter cookies dipped in candy melts and decorated with fruit roll ups, Rip Whips, and sprinkles.

Uncle Sam Marshmallow Hats

uncle sam cookie, 4th of july cookie, uncle sam marshmallow hat, uncle sam hat, Fourth of July dessert

Uncle Sam wants YOU! make his cute little hats.  Just grab some marshmallows, Ritz crackers and fruit roll ups.  Mmmmm, stars and stripes never tasted so good, love the combo of sweet and salty!

Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3, skipper, penguin cake pop, penguin cake pop wig, Madagascar 3 wigging out, skipper penguin

I heart Skipper.  He's my fav. The wig he's sporting is made out of a marshmallow with colored sugar sprinkles. Dude is stylin' - super cool. And an all around nice guy too - trust me, I went to high school with him. Seriously.

Beary Patriotic Oreos

4th of July cookies, 4th of July desserts, patriotic cookies, memorial day cookies, memorial day desserts, flag cookies, cute food, bear cookies, cute 4th of july cookies, 4th of july party,

White chocolate dipped Oreos with marshmallow ears and candy melts for the face.  Noses are star sprinkles.  Decorate with blue and red colored sugar spinkles and edible markers! Perfect to take along for a Memorial Day picnic or the 4th of July!

Mouthwatering Minions

minions, minion cookies, despicable me cookies, despicable me party

Love the movie "Despicable Me" and loved the little Minions.  I made these Minions out of Milano cookies and Fruit Roll Ups! For my full tutorial on how to make these little cuties, click here.

Kentucky Derby Cookies

kentucky derby cookies, kentucky derby dessert, horse cookies, barnyard cookies, toy story cookies, bullseye cookies, kentucky derby party , kentucky derby ideas

Having a Kentucky Derby party?  These cutie patootie cookies are a sure bet! I made them from Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Milano Melts, Mini Nilla Wafers, licorice ropes, tootsie rolls for ears, and caramel for the mane (cut with a mini daisy cookie cutter).  The adorable felt rose was made by my friend Christie Colla

Earth Day Cake Pop

cute food, earth day party, earth day dessert, earth day cake pop, earth day treat

Chocolate cake pop dipped in blue candy melts.  I used an edible green marker to draw on the countries.  Simply wrap the lollipop stick in green fondant and add fondant leaves. Out of this world cute!

Hot Chili Pepper Rice Krispie Treats

Easy Sombrero Cookies

Mini Cactus Brownies

Bunny Slipper Cakepop Cookies

cute food, bunny slipper cake pop cookies, bunny slippers cake, easter cake, easter cookies, bunny cookies

Cake pops on top of Vienna Finger cookies dipped in white chocolate.  Add pink pastel candy corn for ears, edible marker eyes and a jelly bean nose.  Top (or bottom) it off with a white candy tail and you have one adorable bunny slipper!

Chicks on a Stick

Easter chicks, cute food, Easter chick candy, marshmallow eggs, chick pop

These are SO EASY to make! Take a yellow Brach's Bunny Basket Egg Candy, dot the eyes with an edible marker, attach an orange sprinkle for a beak.  Then place it on top of a store bought tartlet shell, filled with tinted green coconut. Skewer everything on a lollipop stick and you have Chicks on a Stick!

Cute Carrot Krispies

Cute food, Easter Carrot, Carrot Treat, Rice Krispie Treat, Easter Dessert, Easter Kids,

Easter Parade Peeps

cute peeps, cute food, easter peeps, candy peeps,

Easter Bunny Cookies

Easter bunny cookie, cute food, cute bunny cookie, Easter treat, Easter bunny, Easter dessert, cute bunny

Piggy Marshmallow Pops

Pig marshmallow pop, cute food, peep pop, piggy pop, pig marshmallow

Oh my! Someone just told me March 1st is National Pig Day! So this little piggy didn't have to go to the market to make these Piggy Pops. They are bunny Peeps cut into piggy shapes.

Faux Buffallo Wings

Rice Krispie Treats shaped to look like wings, coated in a tangerine brown sugar glaze.  The bleu cheese is marshmallow fluff with bits of marshmallow and the "celery" is green licorice!

Shrimp Mocktails

Rice krispie treats wrapped in fondant in a strawberry sauce.  The chives are fondant, topped with a candy lemon slice!

Chili? Not Really!

Individual chocolate cake frosted with jelly beans and orange tinted coconut on top.  An easier version?  Pudding!

You Lie Shepherd's Pie!

Cocoa Krispie Treats mixed with orange and green candies to look like peas and carrots.  Top with marshmallow sauce.  Broil for a few seconds and top with fondant "parsley"

Tulip Cakes

little debbie tulip cakes, spring cakes, cute food

Cute and yummy Tulip Cakes from Little Debbie.

Marshmallow Leprechaun Hats

marshmallow leprechaun hats, st. patrick's day dessert, st. patrick's day cookies, cute food, st. paddy day cookies

Jello Pot of Gold

jello pots of gold, jello gold coins, jello st patricks day, st patricks day dessert, st paddy's day dessert, st. paddy's day ideas cute food

Shamrock Marshmallow Pops

shamrock marshmallow pops, cute food, st. paddy's day dessert, st. patrick's day dessert

Strawberry Shortcake

cute strawberry shortcake, mini strawberry shortcake, strawberry shortcake cookie, cute food

Mardi Gras Cookie

cute mardi gras cookie, cute mardi gras dessert, mardi gras cookie, mardi gras jester, mardi gras ideas, cute food

Circus Peanut Alligators

alligator candy, cute mardi gras cookie, cute mardi gras dessert, mardi gras cookie, mardi gras dessert, mardi gras ideas, cute food

Mini King Cakes

king cakes, mini king cakes, cute king cakes, mardi gras king cakes, cute mardi gras cookie, cute mardi gras dessert, mardi gras cookie, mardi gras dessert, mardi gras ideas, cute food

Love Bug Mallomars

cute food, lady bug cookies, mallomars, love bug cookies, valentine cookies, cute heart cookies

Sweet Pea Gumballs

cute food, sweet pea gumballs, valentine treats, cute valentine dessert

Tweet Me Cakepops

cute food, tweet me dessert, cute cake pops, tweet me cake pops, twitter cake pops, cute twitter bird

Inspired by PopOLicious!

Rice Krispie Treat Love Letters

rice krispie treat letters, rice krispie treat valentines, rice krispie treat valentine desserts, cute valentine desserts

Bee Mine Cookie Pops

cute food, bee mine cookies, be mine cookies, be mine cookie pops, bumble bee cookies

Moon Pie Doggies

cute food, moon pie doggy, puppy love moon pies, cute moon pies, dog cookies, cute dog cookies

Conversation Heart Cookies

cute food, cute heart cookies, conversation heart cookies, sweet heart cookiies, heart cookies

Groundhog Breakfast

cute food, groundhogs day dessert, groundhogs day donut, groundhog day breakfast
cute food, groundhogs day dessert, groundhogs day donut, groundhog day breakfast

Dragon Rice Krispies wrapped with Fruit by the Foot

cute food, cute dragon rice krispie treat, chinese new year dessert, chinese new year ideas
cute food, cute dragon rice krispie treat, chinese new year dessert, chinese new year ideas

For complete step by step instructions on how to make these dragons, click here.

White Chocolate Dipped Oreo Pandas

Dragon Cupcakes

cute food, dragon cupcakes, chinese new year cupcakes

Clock Cookies

Licorice Party Blowers

Truffle New Year Clock

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookie

marshmallow mug, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, hot cocoa cookie, hot chocolate cookie, cute cookie, cute marshmallow, marshmallow cocoa, marshmallow cookie, cute food

Polar Bear Donuts

polar bear donut, cute food, cute polar bear, polar bear candy, polar bear treat, polar bear party, winter party, cute dessert

Little Debbie Express

rice krispie train, christmas train, christmas children's table centerpiece, cute christmas train, candy train,

Inspired by Sharon Bowers!

This train was made out of Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls and Marshmallow Treats. (Inspired by Sharon Bowers!)

Reindeer Chocolate Spoons

chocolate spoons, christmas chocolate spoons, reindeer spoons, chocolate reindeer spoons, cute chocolate spoons, cute food

White Truffle Puppies in Rice Krispie Presents

puppy truffles, puppy christmas presents, christmas puppy, dog dessert, dog candy, puppy candy, cute dessert, cute food

These puppies were made from Lindt White Chocolate Truffles - add Tootsie Roll ears (microwave for a few seconds and shape) and a mini M&M for a nose.  Draw on face with an edible black marker and place on top of a Rice Krispie treat square wrapped in a fruit roll up and decorate the package with sprinkles and fondant bow!  So cute and yummy. I LOVE the Lindt White Chocolates, they're my favorite!

White Chocolate Oreo Reindeer

Candy Cane Hearts

candy cane heart, candy heart, cute heart, cute food, cute dessert, candy cane cute

Wafer Cookie Sleds

wafer cookie sleds, christmas sleds, christmas cookie sleds, christmas cookie candy cane

Candy Cane Hershey Kiss Cup

Thanksgiving Dinner Cookie

Corn Waffles

Caramel Apple Taffy pops

Mini Pumpkin Pie Tartlets

Ice Cream Cone Cornucopias

The cornucopias are filled with a "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" dinner.  Snoopy prepared a feast of popcorn, pretzel sticks & jelly beans in the movie.

Marshmallow Peep Turkey

Meringue Cookie Ghosts

Marshmallow Frankies

One-eyed Purple Coconut Monster Truffles

Skeleton Cookies

Candy Corn Jello

Candy Corn Lollipops

Harvest Brownies

Marshmallow Peacocks

Peacocks made out of "Peeps" and mini marshmallows

Mini Root Beer Pancakes

Stenciled Sugar Cookies

What's Shakin' Gummy Bacon?

I took my kids to Archie McPhee's in Seattle.  It's probably one of the most bizzaro places I've ever been to.  I love it.  It's full of so much, um, stuff. I mean weird stuff.  Stuff like wasabi gum, bacon tuxedos, hundreds of snowglobes, underpants for squirrels (yes, you read that correctly) and gummy bacon.  Funny, when I saw the gummy bacon, I knew exactly what to do with it.  I was given Betty Crocker's Big Book of Cupcakes and loved their egg cupcakes - so I knew I had to make them to go along with the gummy bacon.

Donut Sushi?

Made from mini donuts

Cutest Pizza Ever

Made from Snickerdoodles. Mmmmm.....

One in a Melon


Taco Cupcakes

cute food, taco cupcakes, cinco de mayo cupcakes, cinco de may dessert, mexican dessert, mexican cupcake
cute food, taco cupcakes, cinco de mayo cupcakes, cinco de may dessert, mexican dessert, mexican cupcake

Sweet Sponge Sombraros

sombrero cake, sombrero twinkie, sombrero cupcake, sombrero dessert, cinco de mayo cake, mexican cake, fiesta cake, cinco de mayo ideas

Twinkies & Spongecups make super sweet sombreros!

Patriotic Cupcake

Grad Grub

Grad Desserts

Little Debbie Swiss Roll Diplomas

Summer Yum

Yogurt parfaits

Spring Cupcakes

Marshmallow Flower cupcakes
M&M cupcakes
Lollipop cupcakes
Easter cupcakes

Soda Shoppe Cupcakes

Lollipop soda shop cupcake


SO MUCH CUTE FOOD SO LITTLE ROOM!  For even more cute food, click here.  Seriously, you won't want to miss these adorable treats. Trust.