Turtle Sandbox Cookie

This sweet little snack reminds me of summertime when my boys were little and they spent hours playing in their Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox!

You will need:


Sugar cookies (homemade or store bought)


Green frosting

Candy eyes

Green M&Ms

Brown sugar

1.  Frost the top and side of the cookie with green frosting.

2.  Slice off part of a marshmallow and cut about 1/4 of the slice off.

3.  Frost marshmallow with green frosting.  Add candy eyes on top.

4.  Attach the M&M feet and marshmallow head with frosting.  Sprinkle top of cookie with brown sugar.

** Another great idea is to use sponge cake dessert cups.  Frost the cups, fill with fruit or pudding and top with the brown sugar or crushed graham crackers!

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