Nutter Butter Campers

Sweet and cute cookies that are perfect for a camping party, a slumber party or any time you want a sleepy little snack!

You will need:


For Campers


Nutter Butter cookies

Mini Nilla Wafers

Fruit Roll Up

Black Edible Marker



For Campfire

Oreo cookies

Orange, Red & Yellow Gumdrops

Pretzel Sticks



Optional:  Graham Crackers for tent



1.  Draw face on Mini Nilla Wafer using a black edible marker.

2.  Attach Mini Nilla Wafer to the top end of the Nutter Butter with frosting.

3.  For the sleeping bag, cut any color Fruit Roll Up with kitchen shears to fit and wrap around the bottom end of the Nutter Butter cookie.

4.  Frost top of Oreo cookie.

5.  Snap pretzel sticks into pieces and place on top of frosted Oreo to resemble campfire logs.

6.  Cut gumdrops into pointy strips for the fire.

7.  Place gumdrop strips into the frosting.

Now you have a couple of nutty little camper cookies!





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