Mouthwatering Minions

Despicable Me Minions.  Cuteness overload.  So I decided to make them sweet!

You will need:


Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies

Yellow candy coating

Blue Fruit Roll Ups

Smarties candies

Black licorice lace

Black edible marker


1.     Melt yellow candy coating in microwaveable safe bowl according to package instructions.  Dip cookies in the melted coating and lift out with fork, tapping side of the bowl to remove excess.  Place on wax paper.


2.     Draw a black circle around the white Smartie candy.  Make a large dot in the middle of the candy.  Place on cookie for eyes.


3.     Cut 3 small pieces of licorice lace and place in top of cookie for hair.


4.     With kitchen shears, cut blue Fruit Roll Ups to cover bottom half of the cookie and use small strips for the straps of the overalls.


5.     Detail the rest of the cookie with a black edible marker.