Teeny Tiny Turkey Table

Come on.  Really?  I know you want to make this - it's so cute. AND it's easy. AND it's tasty. The kids will love them, ladies will squeal. So make it, you'll thank me.

The Teeny Tiny Turkey Table is also included in my new book "Sweet Treats for the Holdiays" available here on Amazon with so many more cute and easy to make Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years and Halloween treats!

You will need:

  • Graham crackers
  • Wafer cookies
  • Neccos
  • Pumpkin candy
  • Sliced almonds
  • White frosting
  • Yellow gel icing
  • Green jimmies
  • Autumn leaf sprinkles

1.     Attach 2 almond slices and 5 green jimmies to white Necco wafer with white frosting

2.     Put a small dollop of white frosting on the Necco wafer and a small amount of yellow gel icing in the middle of the frosting.

3.     Make 4 of these plates and attach to top of graham cracker with white frosting.

4.     Lightly frost middle of graham cracker and add autumn leaf sprinkles.

5.     Place candy pumpkin in the middle of the leaves.  Secure with frosting.

6.     Attach wafer cookies for table legs with frosting if desired.

** Note - if making this treat in advance, DO NOT attach table legs until ready to serve or the graham cracker table will sag and buckle in half. (Trust me I had a dozen little broken tables overnight  - boo hoo).

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