Rice Krispie Dragon Treats

These lucky little dragons are so fun to make, even the kiddos will want to help.  They are not only adorable, but tasty too!


You will need:

  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Red (strawberry)
  •  Fruit by the Foot
  • Color by the Foot
  • Red Jujubes
  • Red mini m&m's
  • Wilton candy eyes
  • *optional - can frosting


1.  Cut Rice Krispie Treat into approximately 1"x 1 3/4" rectangles.

2.  Wrap with red Fruit by the Foot.  It should stick to itself. (Or seal with frosting).

3.  Cut a piece of red Fruit by the Foot to fit the top.

4.  Add the red Jujubes.  If they do not stick to the Fruit by the Foot well, attach with frosting.

5.  Add eyes and m&m nose.

6.  Cut small yellow triangles from the Color by the Foot.

7.  Attach the triangles to the side of the head and one in between the eyes, using frosting if desired.

8.  Make the tail using red Fruit by the Foot, pinching it to make it wavy so it looks like ribbon.

9.  Attach the head - it should be sticky enough, or attach with frosting.

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