No Tricks, Just Treats!

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No Tricks All Treats!!! Here are some super fun and easy ideas for a kid friendly party.  Sweet treats done on a dime and most of the ingredients can be found right in the supermarket!

Moon pie kitties.  Fondant black cats and branches on banana moon pies. So yummy and easy.  The skeleton graham crackers are fun for the kids to make - a marshmallow head and icing body on a chocolate graham cracker.

These store bought mini meringue cookies are dolled up with an edible black marker.  Just draw on a spooky or cute face!

Mini chocolate donut spiders

Fondant ghosts and lollipops make dress up these cupcakes! Too cute to spook!

Chocolate spoons are a perfect for a cup of hot cocoa after a night of trick-or-treating.  White chocolate mummy spoons or chocolate bat spoons, the kids will love them!

Cute toppers made from gumballs! Take a look at my full tutorial of how to make these toppers on My Candy Crafts website!

Frosted mini mummy wheats.  Just add sprinkles for eyes and you have an easy fun snack! These cute little buckets can be found at

These pumpkin candy buckets made from Rice Krispie treats are so easy to create! See my guest post on My Candy Crafts for step-by-step instructions!

Bootiful black and white Halloween cookies!

Whoooo loves a cute snack?  Inspired by Southern Living, here is my version of an owl moon pie.  Super easy all you need are Moon Pies, Oreos, Junior Mints candy corn and a little frosting.  Kids will love making this sweet treat!

Ding Dong the witch is dead! I topped a Hostess Ding Dong with green icing and a little witch's hat made from a candy corn dipped in chocolate and then rolled in black sprinkles - it is set on top of a black candy melt with black sprinkles. 

Ok. LOVE these.  Hostess Sno Balls.  Except these Halloween ones are called Glo Balls. They are AWESOME. I added a pretzel rod for the stem and a green licorice lace for a cute yummy little pumpkin!

Spider Ding Dongs. The only kind of spider I like. Super easy - just add licorice ropes for legs (or pretzel sticks) and M&M's for eyes. Booyah! It's THAT simple!

This spooky cauldron is actually a yummy treat.  A mini chocolate Hostess Donette in disguise covered in green sprinkles, chopped gummy worms, bone shaped candies, an eyeball candy and licorice handle.  I also added a little witch's broom made of shredded wheat, pretzel stick and fruit roll up.

A cute little fondant ghost topper and lollipop makes a "so easy it's spooky" treat for Halloween!

Creeper Peeper Cookies - Oreos dipped in white chocolate or candy melts with a colored candy melt on top.  Use a black edible marker and a white confetti sprinkle for the middle of the eye.  When completely dry, make squiggly lines with a red edble marker for the bloodshot look.  So easy "eye" couldn't believe it.

I've got cuteness on the brain.  Using cookie molds from Wilton, I made these candy coated brains with Oreos in the middle.

Bat-tastic chocolate spoons to make your hot cocoa extra special.  Or for your coffin break. Mwahahahahaha! For easy directions, click here.

Banana MoonPies were my favorite snack growing up.  Actually they still are! Using a mini cookie cutter, I cut out fondant cats, added sprinkle eyes and made fondant tree branches for this more cute than spooky treat. (Side note- these are Double Decker MoonPies.  I strongly advise that you do not eat 3 of these on an empty stomach for breakfast. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything...)

So I was eating mini donuts  and I thought to myself, hmmmm, spiders. I added a little frosting, sprinkles, licorice lace and drew eyes on mini marshmallows with an edible black marker 'cause I didn't have an M&M's. Spooky what you can make with what's in your pantry...

These vanilla candy coated mummy spoons are perfect with a cup of hot cocoa after trick-or-treating!

What to do with the new and yummy Candy Corn Oreos?  Make Candy Corn Spiders Cookies!  Dip the Oreos in white candy melts, let dry.  Then pipe a white icing stripe in the middle and sprinkle with orange sugar sprinkles.  Let dry.  Do the same with yellow sprinkles.  Add yellow eyes and a licorice lace mouth.  Cut candy corn in half, horizontally and attach them to the cookie with candy melts.  Super cute.  The ONLY kind of spider that doesn't freak me out! :)

Rice Krispie Treat Candy Corn Mice!  These little cuties are made from store-bought Rice Krispie Treats.  Cut them into a triangle shape and dip into orange, yellow and white candy melts and let dry completely in between each color dip.  Using a little white candy melt, attach black pearl spinkles for eyes.  Cut a small marsmallow in half for the nose and add a pink round confetti sprinkle on top. 


For the hat, dip half of an Oreo into chocolate Candiquik.  Roll in black sugar sprinkles.  Cut the tip off of an ice cream cone and do the same.  Let dry completely.  Then dip the base of the cone into orange candy melts and orange sprinkles, place on top of Oreo.  Use white candy melts for ears, attach with melted white candy melts to the hat.


Attach hat to body with candy melts.  These treats take a little effort but you'll have a Halloween treat that couldn't be sweeter!

Make no bones about it, this skeleton snack is super easy to make!  For simple directions, click here!

Frosted Mini Mummy Wheats.  Super easy snack made from Frosted Mini Wheats cereal! With a little white icing, add sprinkles for eyes and your mummies are ready to munch!

These cute little cupcake toppers are actually made from gumballs!  For a full tutorial of how to create these, please see my guest blog post on

Pumpkin candy buckets made from Rice Krispie Treats!  For a full tutorial of how to create these, please see my guest blog post on