Summer Fun!

My easy to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake with an ooey gooey hot fudge middle is featured on - get the simple step by step directions here.

Homemade snow cones that are so cute they should be gillegal. Get my fish bowl snow cone recipe here.

Snow cones that are one in a melon. Directions here.

Cute cherry snow cones are easy to make! Get my directions here.

Iced Tea Snow cones are so refreshing! For my recipe, click here.

Click here for easy directions on how to make these sweet ice cream cone cookies using gumdrop fruit slice candies and wafer cookies!

Sketch out some summer fun with this Sidewalk Chalk Chocolate Bar!  For easy directions, click here.

Super easy Starfish cookies using Little Debbie Starfish Cookies! Get my full tutorial here.

So simple even the kids can make these using Little Debbie Seashell Brownies - get my directions here.

Little Debbie Jellyfish Cookies kicked up a notch with cuteness! Click here for my tutorial.

Adorable Coral Reef Cakes using Little Debbie Snack cakes! For my step-by-step tutorial, click here.

Nothing says summer better than popsicles.  These cupcake toppers are actually Mike and Ike candies with toothpicks pushed in them.  Super easy and pretty darn cute too.  For a full tutorial on how to make these, click here.

This sweet little marshmallow pop was inspired by Barbara Corcoran, the sweetest shark on the hit television show Shark Tank! She endorsed my new book Party With Sweet Treats.  You can learn how to make this pop and lots of other fun treats by purchasing my book on Amazon here.

Tropical drink cupcake toppers made from Whoppers malted milk balls.  Click here for my tutorial.

Candy flip flops made from Pez and flower sprinkles.  Cuteness miniaturized. Tasty too.  Simply attach flower sprinkles to the top end of the candy Pez using a toothpick dipped in melted white chocolate or candy coating. 


Add a little paper umbrella and you have the sweetest little cupcake for summer!


Get my easy instructions here!

These cupcakes are topped with edible blue glitter flakes, neon fish confetti and flamingo lollipops.  Super cute & easy to make!  Check out my step-by-step tutorial on

Meringue Cookie Beach umbrellas!  Color a store bought mini meringue cookie with edible markers for a fun treat - click here for my tutorial on how to make this cute little cuppie!

This Tiki marshmallow pop was made from a toasted coconut marshmallow, flower sprinkles and fruit roll ups. Cut a strip of a green fruit roll up and using kicthen shears cut fringe for the skirt.  Attach to marshmallow using melted white chocolate or candy melts.  Attach flower sprinkles with a toothpick dipped in melted white chocolate to the top of the skirt.

Then cut out little leaf shapes from a variety of colored fruit rollup and attach to the top of the marshmallow with melted white chocolate.   Add a cute little face with edible markers and you have an adorable addition to your luau!

These graham crackers are the perfect no-bake summer treat.  Add a little blue and white icing for waves and using a toothpick, write your own message in the "sand"

Super yummy snack for the kids!  Fill a plastic cup full of goldfish crackers and top with a peanut butter cookie.  For a full tutorial click here.

Sunny skies call for sunny pies - use pudding cups, candy corn and Oreos, get  my full tutorial here 

Simply scoop out watermelon and pop on top of a cone! Decorate cones with edible markers and you have a cute treat.  For more watermelon ideas, click here. 

A meringue cookie pop that will make your cake pops all jelly - for a full tutorial, click here. 

These sweet little snacks remind me of the summers when my boys were little and they played for hours in their Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox!  This cookie is so easy to make it's child's play.  Get the full tutorial here.

Rice krispie treat pineapples are the only ones I can eat because I am allergic to pineapple.  No worries, these are cuter than the real fruit anyway :) Get my step by step instructions here.

Learn how to make my pretty stenciled cookies here.

School's out! AND we have actually had a couple of sunny days in Seattle!

I made these cute "invitations" out of sunglasses from Dollar Tree. Using a glue stick, I attached my invitation onto the lenses.

Super easy, super summery cupcakes.  Just add a paper parasol & a gumball!

Cool cookies from Dollar Tree!

Looks refreshing, right?

Hooray for summertime!