Beach Umbrella Cupcake

Celebrate fun in the sun and make these easy beachy treats using store-bought meringue cookies!


You will need:


12 cupcakes

1 (16oz.) can white frosting

Brown sugar

Sour belt candy


12 mini store-bought mini meringue cookies

6 lollipop sticks

red, blue and yellow edible markers


1.  Frost cupcakes with white frosting.


2.  Place brown sugar in shallow bowl and dip the frosted cupcake in the brown sugar to completely cover the top.


3.  Cut a small piece of the Sour Belt candy and place on top of the cupcake for the beach towel.


4.  Place the gumball on top of the cupcake for the beach ball.


5.  Using the edible markers, color in the meringue cookie in between the lines, alternating the colors for the umbrella.


6.  Cut a lollipop stick in half and push in the bottom of the meringue cookie.  


7.  Push the meringue cookie umbrella in the cupcake.


Makes 12 Beach Umbrella Cupcakes