Sunny Pies

Sunny skies call for Sunny Pies! Cutie Pies perfect for Summer! The kiddos will love to make these because they are so easy breezy!

You will need:



Mini Graham cracker pie crusts

Vanilla Pudding Cups

Licorice Lace

Candy Corn


** Yellow food coloring - optional

1.     Spoon pudding into ready made mini pie crust.  (You may tint the pudding with a few drops of yellow food coloring if you wish).

2.     Arrange candy corn around the edge of the pudding.

3.    Separate Oreo and cut the top in half.

4.     Place Oreo halves on top of pudding to resemble sunglasses.

5.     Cut a little piece of the licorice lace and place on top of the pudding for the smile.

A little mini sunny pie will brighten up even the cloudiest of days!  Enjoy!