Stenciled Cookies

These happen to be my hubby's favorite cookies.  Perfect to pack for a fun Beach Picnic!

You will need:


Baked sugar cookies
1 (16 oz.) can white frosting
Blue fondant 
3” Scalloped cookie/biscuit cutters
3” Circle cookie/biscuit cutters
Metal spatula
Shell stencils – I purchased these from Global Sugar Art


1.    Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and roll out dough.  Using  a circle cookie cutter, cut out cookie shapes.  Bake and cool completely

2.    Roll out blue fondant (you may color this yourself or buy already tinted).  Using the same size scalloped or circle cookie cutter, cut out shape.

3.    Slightly dampen the top of the fondant with water, the stencil will adhere to the fondant and the icing won’t leak under it.


4.     Using a spatula, smooth a little icing over the stencil.

5.     Carefully pull off stencil.

Pretty cookies made simple!  For more ideas for a perfect beach picnic, click here.