Jellyfish Cookies

Leave it to Little Debbie to make Jellyfish deeeelish! While their cookies are adorable on their own, I just kicked up the cuteness a little.


You will need:


Little Debbie Jellyfish Cookies

Rips Whips licorice lace

Small tall dessert or shot glass

Black edible marker


* Note:  I tried making these into cookie pops with a lollipop stick but they are too fragile and crumbled.  It's kind of nice when I can eat my mistakes...


1.  Turn glass upside down and place cookie in the middle of the glass for stability.

2.  Using a knife or kitchen shears, cut the licorice lace into 2"-3" pieces.  Push one end of the licorice lace under the cookie. 

3.  Add eyes and mouth with a black edible marker. Now you have a cute and delish jellyfish!

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