Halloween Candy Corn Party

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I love candy corn.  LOVE IT.  I love the colors too, so I came up with this candy corn inspired  party when I created these little candy corn mice out of Styrofoam. 

I made little fondant candy corn flowers for my white chocolate Oreos


Candy corn lollipops

Candy corn cupcakes, (yep, you guessed it - I crushed candy corn and sprinkled it in the batter)

I painted white tissue fans in candy corn colors

Candy corn mice - these cute little mice got a shout out from Martha Stewart on her show!  I made these mice out of small styrofoam cones, painted them, added a felt hat, ears and a little pompom nose and pushpins for eyes & nose.  The tail is a chenille stem.  Super cute.  OR you can also make the edible version out of rice krispie treats - for directions click here.

The great thing about candy corn is that it not only is super yummy, but it's an inexpensive way to decorate too!

Here's a video of me on Seattle's own New Day Northwest on KING 5.  Host Margaret Larson LOVES candy corn!