Chocolate Bat Spoons

Bat-tastic chocolate spoons to make your hot cocoa extra special.  Or for your coffin break. Mwahahahahaha!

You will need:


1 (16-oz.) milk chocolate CANDIQUIK or chocolate candy melts

24 plastic spoons

48 candy eyes

1 white writing icing tube

1 candy making squeeze bottle

parchment or wax paper


1.  Melt candy coating according to package instructions.


2.  Fill the small squeeze bottle with the melted candy coating and make small bat wing shapes on parchment paper.  Let dry completely.


3.  Scoop the melted candy coating with the spoon, making sure to cover the back of the spoon as well.


4.  Peel off 2 bat wings off of the parchment paper and place them on a new sheet of parchment or wax paper side by side.  Place chocolate covered spoon on top of the wings.


5.  Place eyes in the center of the spoon.  Let dry completely.


6.  Pipe on the mouth and fangs with the writing icing tube.

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