Skeleton Grahams

Sweet not spooky skeletons that are fun and easy to make for your boo crew.

You will need:


Regular marshmallows

Chocolate graham crackers

Tic Tac candies

Bone candies

White jimmy sprinkles

Black edible marker



1.  Cut marshmallow in half and stick on top of graham cracker. 


2.  Draw on face with edible marker.


3.  Attach bone candies, Tic Tacs and sprinkles to the graham cracker with frosting.


** If you can't find bone candies then simply pipe on frosting as shown below.



You will need:



Black edible marker

Chocolate graham crackers

White frosting or icing


1.  Cut marshmallow in half and stick on the top of the graham cracker.


2.  Draw a skeleton face on the marshmallow using an edible black marker.


3.  Snip a small corner off of a ziploc bag filled with white icing or frosting.


4.  Pipe a simple skeleton body on the graham cracker.