Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Cookie

A sweet little adorable cookie to celebrate the best Christmas show ever!



You will need:


Sugar Cookie

White cookie icing

Chocolate wafer cookies

Melted chocolate chips or chocolate candy coating wafers

Blue candy coating wafers

Green jimmies sprinkles

Red Sixlet candy


1.  Frost the top of the cookie with white icing


2.  Cut the chocolate wafer cookie in half lengthwise. Cut in half and create an "x". Place on top of cookie while icing is still wet.


3.  With the melted chocolate pipe out a tree shape onto parchment paper.  Immediately sprinkle ends of limbs with green jimmies.  Let set completely.


4.  With white cookie icing or melted white chocolate, attach the red Sixlet candy to the end of a limb.


5.  For Linus' blanket, melt the blue candy coating wafers and pipe a large circle in the middle of the wafer cookie "x".  Set the tree in the middle of the circle. Hold in place until set.


To make ice cream cone trees you will need:


Sugar ice cream cones


sugar sprinkles in assorted colors


1.  Spread frosting onto cones and cover compeltely.


2.  Pour sugar sprinkles onto a plate.  Roll frosted cone in sprinkles until completely covered. Let dry for a few hours or overnight.


3.  Pour leftover sprinkles onto a paper towel and funnel them into the bottle again to re-use.





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