Snoopy's Gingerbread Doghouse

Snoopy's house is actually made out of graham crackers, not gingerbread. You might be wondering why isn't Snoopy's house red? In the show "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Snoopy's house is BLUE! Trust me, I've seen the movie about a million times. Not even kidding.


Remember when Snoopy won the decorating contest? I HAD to try to replicate his house - here's how:

You will need:


Graham Crackers

Cookie icing (blue and white)

Pez (chain garland)

Edible black marker (house outline, door)

Edible green marker (light strings)

Christmas light sprinkles

Green Life Saver (wreath)

Jumbo heart sprinkles (wreath)

Jumbo flower sprinkles (award ribbon)

Jumbo star sprinkle (onpretzel)

Red Fruit by the Foot (award ribbon)

Jujubes (lights on top of house)

Red Dots gumdrop candy (dog dish)

Bone sprinkles (in dish)

Melted white chocolate

Melted black chocolate



Black licorice lace (light string on top)


1.  Cut the graham crackers as shown for the walls. Not shown, 2 square pieces for the roof. 

2.  Frost the graham crackers with cookie icing. Decorate with candy and sprinkles.


Use the Pez candy for the chain garland on the roof of the house.


Add some light bulb sprinkles and make an award ribbon from a jumbo yellow flower sprinkle and a red Fruit by the Foot cut to look like a ribbon.


Using a green Lifesaver candy make a wreath by adding 2 jumbo heart sprinkles as a bow and red confetti sprinkles around the wreath. Place at the front top of the house.




3.  After completely dry (about 24 hours) outline the walls and roof with a black edible marker and make a door. With the green edible marker add light strings.


4.  Assemble the house with cookie icing. Let dry. Add roof. Let dry.


5.  Attach a black licorice lace between 2 pretzel sticks using melted chocolate. Add light bulb sprinkles to the licorice with the chocolate. Let dry completely.


6.  Carefully attach the pretzels to each end of the doghouse roof with melted chocolate. Hold in place until completely set.


7.  Add star sprinkle and flower sprinkle to the tops of the pretzels.


8.  Add Jujubes to each end of the rooftop for spotlights.


9.  For dog dish, cut the top off of a red Dots gumdrop candy. Attach a stack of bone sprinkles with white chocolate.








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