Peanuts Movie Party


All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt                                                                          - Charles Schulz.



Good grief!! The countdown has officially started! Less than a month until The Peanuts Movie is in theatres on November 6!


To say that I'm excited about The Peanuts Movie is an understatement. This movie is going to be one of the best things in life. IN LIFE.

I'm so thrilled about the movie I'm throwing a party! Come along and see all of my Peanuts inspired sweet treats:

Peanuts Movie Rice Krispie Treats. The nice folks at Blue Sky Studios allow you to download Peanuts Movie Posters! I just shrunk mine and made edible transfers and attached them to Rice Krispie Treats that I frosted with icing.

A DIY Lucy's Psychiatric Booth made from a cardboard box - Great for holding Charlie Brown cupcakes! He's a cute little blockhead.

Snoopy Shortbread cookies - I taught myself to draw Snoopy when I was 5 years old. Many dog years later it pays off - I used an edible black marker on my cookie icing.

Woodstock Wafers are a cute little "tweet" to snack on. I drew on little Woodstock faces on vanilla wafers.

Delicious Doghouse Cookies that are pawsome.

Movie Snacks are a must! Start with Pigpen's Popcorn, lightly "dusted" with sugar and cinnamon.

Lucy's Licorice is a great way to satisfy those crabby cravings.

“Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.”  - Linus


Linus' Lollipops are all wrapped up in an adorable security blanket!

Charlie Brown's Chocolates.  Ok seriously? Chocolate + Peanuts characters = Pure joy. Thank you Nestle. Really. THANK YOU. (And yes, I entered the contest to win tickets to New York to tour Blue Sky Studios - I would encourage you to do so too, but I really want to win, so don't) Just kidding, click on the Nestle link above.

More of my fav movie snacks, Marcie's Milk Duds and Peppermint Patty's Peppermint Patties.

Schroeder's Snack Mix. I made a yummy snack mix out of cereal, puppy chow, peanuts, pretzels and chocolate music notes. Simply melt chocolate chips, and pipe melted chocolate on parchment paper in the shape of a music note!

Sally's Soda for her Sweet Baboo!

I have been a Snoopy FREAK as long as I can remember. I collected Snoopy books as a kid. Later when I became a mom I proudly raised my kids to love Peanuts. Our favorite trips were to Santa Rosa to see the Charles Schulz Museum - an absolute must if you haven't been.


Good Grief, we even have a BEAGLE! No, his name isn't Snoopy, it's Kurby - we adopted him and that was his name. But he ACTS, like Snoopy...

See how Kurby vultures over my son? Just like Snoopy did over Linus. Kurby is especially interested when food is involved.

So celebrate the new Peanuts Movie with me, and don't forget to Peanutize yourself here free!  I did!!!

I shared my party on New Day Northwest - here I am with host Margaret Larson who also is a Peanuts fan! Click on the video below of my segment - we'll even show you how to make chocolate dipped Oreo Charlie Brown & Snoopy cookies! 

So excited to see my childhood superheroes, the Peanuts Gang, up on the big screen. Thank you Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox for giving this kid-at-heart gal something to feel absolutely giddy about.


Thank you Charles Schulz for being such a huge part of my life. 


Dream Big everyone. Dream Big.



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