Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be adding new and fun treats for Thanksgiving several times a week so check back here often!  Also, don't forget to check out my beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape on a budget here.

For a full step-by-step picture tutorial on how to make this adorable treat, click here,

Pudgy little fellas that you'll want to gobble up! For a tutorial, click here.


Mmmmm, dip that's easy as pie! Get my recipe on Tablespoon.com 

Light and refreshing Cranberry Angel Food Whip Cak!  A no-bake option for Thanksgiving dessert. Find my recipe here.

Here's a fun edible craft to keep the kiddos busy on Thanksgiving! Chocolate wafer cookeis, butterscotch candies, pumpkin candies, shredded wheat, leaf sprinkles and a pretzel stick.  Chocolate frosting holds everything together!

Hot cocoa never looked cuter.  These chocolate spoons even have marshmallows!  Perfect for the kiddos at Thanksgiving, just melt chocolate, dip a plastic spoon in and place on parchment paper.  Add a chocolate candy melt (I used mint chocolate) decorated with candy eyes and spinkles.  Then cut small marshmallows on the diagonal and dip them in colored sugar for the feathers. So cute you hate to see them melt in the cocoa!

These cute pumpkin pie cupcake toppers really do taste like pumpkin pie!  Using Pumpkin Spice Mallows, I cut them to resemble small pieces of pie. (The marshmallows are easier to cut if you use a wet knife).  Then I softened caramel in the microwave for a few seconds and rolled it flat.  I cut and shaped the caramel around the marshmallow slices to resemble pie crust.  Then I topped it off with a Vanilla Mallow Bit.  The caramel was the perfect compliment to the Pumpkin Spice Mallow - super yummy!

Super sweet popcorn treat!  This little turkey is made from a popcorn ball and lollipops!  The head is a Tootsie pop with candy eyes and sprinkles for the rest of the face. Great for the kids table as a placecard too!

Here is a cute snack for Thanksgiving!  These corn stalks are just frozen waffles cut into ovals with kitchen shears.  I brushed them with maple syrup and sprinkled them with yellow sugar sprinkles.  Then I pushed a popsicle stick in the bottom and wrapped it with green fruit roll ups for leaves!

These Thanksgiving sugar cookies are almost too cute to eat!  The turkey leg is a caramel that I softened in the microwave with a candy bone, the peas and carrots are taffy and the mashed potatoes are really white frosting with yellow gel icing! A cute little feast!

I am a Snoopy FREAK.  My favorite show this time of year is of course A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  So while you and your kiddos are watching the movie, make these ice cream cornucopias ahead of time and munch on the same "dinner" that Snoopy served!  To make these, just dip the cones into melted chocolate or frosting, then into sprinkles and fill with jelly beans, pretzels and popcorn!

These caramel apple lollipops are AWESOME!  I just softened green apple flavored taffy in the microwave for a few seconds, rolled it into a ball and stuck a lollipop in it.  Then I dipped it into melted caramel. YUM. Kids AND adults love these!

Grab those leftover Halloween Peeps and make some cute turkey Peeps! You'll need some toothpicks, sugar sprinkles and mini marshmallows.  Slice the marshmallows diagonally and dip into colored sugar sprinkles and thread onto toothpicks. Push toothpicks inot the Peep to resemble feathers.  Add a heart sprinkle upside down under the beak and you have a cute little Peep turkey!

As a kid, I didn't care for the traditional Thanksgiving desserts - pumpkin or pecan pie (although I love them now). I would eat the big feast and then wrinkle my nose at those grown-up desserts.  Kind of a let down for a kid.  I would resort to digging into my bag of leftover Halloween candy.  So even though this table is geared mostly toward kids, just try and keep the adults away!

Thanksgiving dinner - the sweet version.

A super cute, totally yummy Thanksgiving Dessert table for the kids!

Wondering what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy?  Grab all the green apple taffy and soften in the microwave.  Roll into small balls and pop in a lollipop stick.  Dip into melted caramels and you have the perfect little candy caramel apples!

Here's a corny little idea - waffles brushed lightly with maple syrup and topped with yellow sprinkles.  Add some green fruit roll ups and you have a corn pop!

Run don't walk to get these Halloween Peeps now.  You can make them into turkeys!

Ice cream cone cornucopias.  Decorated with melted chocolate and leaf sprinkles, I filled them with popcorn, pretzels and jelly beans - my tribute to the best Thanksgiving show ever - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin pie tartlets.  Now, my personal favorite and too easy to make.  The shells are store bought and the filling?  A huge cheat - Costco pie scooped into the shells.  You can make a platter of these and your guests will think you have been cooking for hours.

Super easy and cute cookies with all the trimmings... caramel turkey legs, jelly bean and starburst peas and carrots, and mashed potatoes made of icing.

Nutty turkeys are a cute place card or decoration. 

Who says candle holders can't double for cupcake holders? 

Happy Thanksgiving!