St. Patrick's Day Treats

Need some sweet ideas for St. Paddy's day? Here are some yummy treats that will have you feelin' pretty Lucky!

These lucky little cuties can be found in my book "Party with Sweet Treats" available on

These cute as a button cupcake toppers are made with  fondant.  Simple roll out green or light green fondant for the base and cut with a round or scalloped edge biscuit cutter.  Then use a button mold to make the buttons.  Super easy, you can get the mold here.

Super yummy shamrock shake!  Just add 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1/4 cup milk, a drop of peppermint extract and a few drops of green food coloring in a blender.  Blend until smooth and enjoy!


To make the cute little gumdrop shamrock shakes, turn large green gumdrop upside down, attach a green shamrock sprinkle on the front with melted candy coating.  Attach the gumdrop to a white candy coating wafer with melted candy coating. Pipe a little white frosting on top and add sprinkles and a green licorice lace.


The gumdrops make cute cupcake toppers too!

Cute cupcake toppers made from Rolo candies and sprinkles.  For a complete tutorial, click here!

This "Beary" sweet St. Paddy's Day treat is so easy to make!  For full directions on how to, click here.

Lucky little pot of gold made from a mini donut.  So easy the kids will have a blast making them!  Click here for full tutorial!

Jello "Pots of Gold" - with a rainbow sour belt, what could be cuter? Get my easy tutorial here.

These marshmallow pops were made out of leftover marshmallow Valentine hearts.  The Little Debbie banana marshmallow pies make great "gold coin" holders.

Marshmallow - Ritz cracker Leprechaun Hats with tiny Chiclet buckles.  Super cute, super easy.

Mini rainbow lollipops with Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treat holders.  Simply frost the top of the treat green, wrap the edges with a rainbow sour belt and push the lollipop in for a lucky little treat!

Bright green frosted cupcakes with a minty white cake.

These pots of gold candy holders can also be used as placecards for a dinner table for the kids!

Magically Delicious!

St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

When our boys were little I used to hide chocolate gold coins in their bedrooms on St. Patrick’s Day.  When they would wake up in the morning, they knew that the leprechauns were already on the job.


During breakfast, I would put a small drop of green food coloring in their milk glasses and when I went to pour, the milk would “magically” turn green.  Again, the leprechauns! After a good breakfast of Lucky Charms, they would head off to school dressed in green.  After school they would find their rooms topsy-turvy – chairs overturned and unrolled toilet paper all over the place!  Gold coins would be left in their Hot Wheels as a token of appreciation from the mischievous leprechauns.

Now I decorate the table using white, square plastic plates (yes, plastic - amazing right?) from Party City topped with glittered foam shamrock cutouts from Michael's.  I paired the dinnerware with green glass drinkware I already own. 

Next I place the first blooms of spring -cherry blossom branches- in a row of small vases from Dollar Tree

The small topiary place card holders were purchased from Michael's for a little over $1 a piece.  I painted the pots of the topiary gold and put a little shamrock sticker on it. The entire tablescape cost less than $30.  It’s a simple but elegant table!