St. Paddy Bear Pop

 This "beary" cute marshmallow pop is so easy to make!

You will need:


White candy coating wafers

1 regular size marshmallow

2 mini marshmallows

Shamrock sprinkles or green confetti sprinkles

Lucky Charms cereal

Black edible marker

Lollipop stick



1.  Melt a few candy coating wafers according to package instructions.


2.  Push in the lollipop stick in the side of the regular marshmallow so that the flat part is facing the front.


3.  Attach the 2 mini marshmallows with the melted candy coating to the top of the regular marshmallow for the ears with the flat parts facing the front.


3.  Secure the shamrock sprinkles to the center of the ears with a toothpick dipped in melted candy coating.


4.  With the melted candy coating, attach a shamrock sprinkle in the middle of the regular marshmallow for the nose.


5.  Using the black edible marker, draw in the eyes and mouth for the bear.


6.  Pick out a marshmallow hat from the Lucky Charms cereal and attach in between the ears using melted candy coating.





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