Super Bowl Snack Stadium

When New Day Northwest asked me to create a Snack Stadium to celebrate the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, I was IN!

Creating a snack stadium is easier than you think!  Although my green cardboard display boxes were donated to me by Party City, you can easily use boxes lined with parchment paper or foil or dispoable tins or even cardboard magazine holders from your local office store!


For the food, I started with a sheet cake and frosted it with green buttercream.  I used the Viva towel method to smooth out the field - so easy to do and you find a great tutorial from my sweet friend Melissa at My Cake School here.  I made the yard lines and letters out of fondant.

These cute 12th Men are made from Rice Krispie treats dipped in blue candy melts.  I attached a vanilla wafer with melted candy coating and drew a smiley face using a black edible marker.  The 12 is made from white cookie icing.

Pretzel rods dipped in vanilla Candiqik and sprinkled with green and blue non-pareils are one of our favorite football snacks!  I dressed them up a little with sugar football.

Mmmmmm marshmallow pops!  I simply dipped the tops into vanilla Candiquik and then into blue or green sugar sprinkles. With a blue edible marker I made a 12 on the front of each pop.

I topped these store-bought brownie bites with green buttercream icing and the cutest chocolate football from SweetWorks.

I can't tell you how much I LOVE Sixlets candy.  They are not only my favorite candy coated chocolate, but look!  You can create ANYTHING with them.  I made a 12th man section in my Snack Stadium using navy blue and white Sixlets from SweetWorks! They even served as the base for my pretzel rods and marshmallow pops!

For my Seahawks Cookies click here. For more Super Bowl Snack ideas, click here.

Go Seahawks!!


*Special thanks to SweetWorks for not only donating but overnighting the candy in time for the television show and the studio audience giveaway.  Thanks also to Everett Mall Party City for donating their cardboard display cases for the stadium.


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  • jeff (Thursday, January 22 15 01:42 pm EST)

    can I order the 12th man stadium from you... how much..

  • Norene from Party Pinching (Friday, January 23 15 05:58 pm EST)

    Hi Jeff. Sorry but I don't sell the stadium, but you can get my easy directions on how to make your own above! The cardboard display boxes can be purchased at an office supply store and decorated in
    your team colors!

  • Kelly (Monday, January 26 15 03:16 pm EST)

    I don't see the link or directions for how you did the boxes.

  • Crash (Tuesday, January 27 15 11:37 am EST)

    So creative and beautiful. Didn't see a link for the video and was curious how you get the sixlets to stay in place. The photo looks like there are glue gun webs, or did you use something that would
    still make the food edible?

  • Kim (Tuesday, January 27 15 09:36 pm EST)

    Can you email me the link I would love to make this.

  • Norene from Party Pinching (Wednesday, January 28 15 02:39 am EST)

    The TV station is no longer providing the link unfortunately, but the cardboard boxes were from Party City. Although they do not carry them anymore, you can buy cardboard display boxes or use plastic
    food containers and tip them at an angle. Decorate with wrapping paper or paint the boxes and line with wax paper for the food. You can even use duct tape to fasten the boxes together - they come in
    team colors and logos!

  • Norene from Party Pinching (Wednesday, January 28 15 02:41 am EST)

    I did glue the Sixlet candies in place. Strictly for decoration! :) Who needs fingerprints, right? LOL!

  • Jen (Thursday, January 29 15 11:38 pm EST)

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! My 10 year old daughter was set to the task of finding some cute snacks for our Super Bowl part and this is what she found! We are now attempting to do this for
    Sunday! The hardest part is becoming finding display boxes or making up something else that works. I'm hoping that I can come close to your masterpiece!

  • Jen (Thursday, January 29 15 11:40 pm EST)

    P.S. Is that Styrofoam under the pretzels, brownies and sixlets? I'm trying to figure out how you held the pretzels up. Thanks so much!

  • Norene from Party Pinching (Saturday, January 31 15 05:46 pm EST)

    Yes I did put styrofoam under the pretzels, brownies and Sixlets! Have fun! xoxo

  • Julie (Sunday, February 01 15 10:59 am EST)

    Love it