Seattle Seahawks Cookies

It's no secret that we are Seahawks fans.


Serious Seahawks fans.


Really, I mean we're kind of well... fanatical.


But we're native Seattlites so hey, what do you expect? 


Now I have been a Seahawk fan since the Zorn, Largent, Herrera days. As a kid I would love watching them because you would never know what they would do next!


That's why I love these guys - they are so much fun to cheer on to SWEET (see what I did there?) VICTORY because you just never know what they are going to do!

These cookies were so fun to make.  Just use your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe. (Sugar cookie for Pete Carroll)

Next I sketched out their adorable faces. They are a bunch of cuties aren't they?

I used dark blue fondant for the uniforms and lime green fondant for the shoes. I cut the uniforms a little smaller than the cookies and used a small teardrop shaped cutter for the shoes.


I piped the numbers and other details of the uniform using white and lime green cookie icing.


Faces were drawn on with a black edible marker.


Hair was either black fondant or black sugar sprinkles and attached to the cookie using melted chocolate.


My favorite player? Don't have one. That's right, it's like choosing your favorite child. It's just wrong. I love them all.


Now before you all go emailing me about how I didn't make the entire team, let me tell you these were fun to make, but time consuming. In fact, I am going to hide them from my family for a while because I can't bear to watch anyone eat them yet. 



For more of my fun Super Bowl/Seahawks snack and treat ideas, click here.


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