Kentucky Derby Cookies

Having a Kentucky Derby party?  These cutie patootie cookies are a sure bet! I made them from Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Milano Melts, Mini Nilla Wafers, licorice ropes, tootsie rolls for ears, and caramel for the mane (cut with a mini daisy cookie cutter). 


Attach everything with melted chocolate or melted candy coating.

** The red licorice lace can be hard to attach so using a thin line of red frosting may work better!


The adorable felt rose was made by my friend Christie Colla.

This pudgy little guy might not win the race, but he's sure is sweet!  Made from a Lindt truffle, I added an almond for his head and mini chocolate chips for his ears.  The legs are chocolate jimmies and the mane and tail are melted chocolate.  Add eyes and nose with a black edible marker and attach everything with melted chocolate and you have a winner!

Mint Julep Cupcake.  Except I added chocolate.  For an extra kick you can add a 1/4 of bourbon to your mint chocolate batter.  The topper is the bottom part of a sugar ice cream cone with the tip cut off.  I attached it to a white candy wafer with melted white candy melts and sprayed it with silver color mist.  Then I added a small green licorice lace and gold luster dust on top.  Green fondant mint leaves completed the teeny drink!

For complete recipe, click here.