Mint Julep Cupcake

Mint Julep cupcake. Except I added chocolate. Nummy little cupcake with a kick...

1 box chocolate cake mix + ingredients for cake

1 tsp peppermint extract

1/4 cup bourbon (optional)

can white frosting

green food coloring

1 sugar ice cream cone

green licorice lace

white candy wafers (candy melts)

green fondant

silver color mist

silver foil cupcake liners


Mix cake mix with ingredients listed on the box.  Add peppermint extract and bourbon if desired and mix well.  Bake cupcakes in silver liners according to package instructions.


The topper is the bottom part of a sugar ice cream cone with the tip cut off.  I attached it to a white candy wafer with melted white candy melts and sprayed it with silver color mist. 


Then I added frosting inside the cone and a small green licorice lace and gold luster dust on top.  Green fondant mint leaves completed the teeny drink!