Garden Party

This party was completely inpired by my friends Christie Colla, Kathleen Grube & Chris Young who all have a passion for gardening.  Their love for it shows because they have the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.


In the cold months here in Seattle, I am forever thankful that they share photos of their gorgeous, sunny blooms with me.  In fact, the day I wanted to do my Garden Party photo shoot here it hailed.  HAILED. In APRIL.


Two big green thumbs up go to my sponsor, Wight's Home and Garden for supplying me with all of the pretty decor for my table.  Please visit their website and give them a like on their Facebook page.  It is absolutely my most favorite place to shop!


A garden party is perfect for any occasion -  for a Bridal Shower, Mother's Day, a Baby Shower, or just because you want to celebrate something beautiful! 

This project was little (okay a lot) out of my comfort zone, but I had an idea and wanted to see it though.  It started with the gingerbread greenhouse.  I wrapped it in fondant and added hard candy glass windows.  For a full rundown of ingredients I used, click here.

Eesny weensy fruits and vegetables!

I call this little fondant sweetie, Ciscoe.  If you are from the Seattle area, you know who Ciscoe Morris is.  The Guru of Gardening, he is one sweetheart of a guy.  It was thrill for me to meet him one day backstage at New Day Northwest while we were waiting for our segments.  He was a total doll and loved my dessert table.  He even gave me tips on when to prune my hydrangeas. 

These bee-utiful lemon cupcakes have lemon drop bees on top.  I just used a black edible marker to make stripes on the lemon drop and attached wings that are white heart sprinkles with melted white chocolate.  I added black dots with an edible marker on small white confetti sprinkles for eyes and attached them with a toothpick dipped in white chocolate. 

I purchased these pre-made meringue shells from Cost Plus World Market and filled them with whipping cream and fresh blueberries.  Topped with an edible flower it's a beautiful dessert that's so easy to make!

Making these cookies were so much fun.  I used my edible markers to draw flowers on store-bought tea cookies that I frosted with cookie icing.  I loved the way they turned out! Get my easy directions here.

Chocolate transfer sheets make Oreos dipped in Vanilla CANDIQUIK look so elegant.  For a full tutorial on how to make these pretty cookies, click here.

I kinda sorta love Mallomars.  And ladybugs.  I simply dipped half of a Mallomar into red candy melts and added candy eyes and black sprinkles.  A cookie you might just fall in love with.

Totally obsessed with these super cute burlap rosettes I found at Wight's Home & Garden. 

April showers bring, well, um - May June & July showers in Seattle, but for the rest of you, they bring May flowers! 


These umbrella meringue pops couldn't be easier.  Using store-bought meringue cookies, I lightly sprayed them yellow with food color mist and attached raindrop sprinkles (really blue hearts I cut in half) with melted white chocolate.   Then I dipped one end of a lollipop stick in the white chocolate and carefully pushed it into the bottom of the cookie.

I topped these Reeses peanut butter cups with green frosting and mushrooms made from tic-tacs and red Dots.  I added a small fondant flower for even more cuteness.

Have a beautiful day!