Gingerbread Greenhouse

There were so many elements that went into this display, so I'll list the ingredients I used.

I frosted the grass using a green buttercream and the Viva Towel method. My amazing and talented friend Melissa from My Cake School has a great tutorial for this.  Then I sprinkled green jimmies around the perimeter.

I covered the gingerbread house with white rolled fondant.  I drew in pots and flowers with edible markers.  The windows were made by making a frame out of lollipop sticks and pouring hard candy into the center. 


Hard Candy Recipe:


3 cups sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

1 cup water


Mix in pan and using a candy thermometer, boil until the thermometer reads 300 degrees.


** By the way - don't try to make hard candy without the thermometer. I tried it but it took me 6 times until I finally broke down and bought one. 

The raised garden beds were made with 3 chocolate graham crackers as the base.  Chocolate wafer cookies cut horizontally in half and attached wth melted chocolate.  The inside is chocolate frosting with crushed Oreo on top.


The watermelon is rolled green fondant with lines made by a green edible marker


The carrots are orange Mike & Ike candies and lettuce are Frosted Flakes with green food coloring.  Step by step on how to make these click here.

The pots are made from fondant and then topped with crushed Oreo.  The tomatoes are large cinnamon red hot candies with green icing piped on top.  Flat toothpicks are used as stakes and pushed in the fondant pots vines are green fondant.

The birdbath is made from white fondant and filled with edible light blue glitter flakes.

The shovel is made from a pretzel stick and fondant that was sprayed with silver color mist as was the nozzle of the hose.  The hose is a green Rips Whips candy.  All flowers are made from fondant.  The irises, daffodils and sunflowers were all made from fondant molds.  The planter is a white chocolate Kit Kat.

The walkway was made from a base of gray frosting and chocolate candy rocks (found in bulk at a local supermarket).  The hedges are made from white Kit Kats iced with green frosting and rolled in green jimmies.  The step is a white Kit Kat.

The sunflowers and leaves are fondant attached with green candy melts to a lollipop stick sprayed with green color mist.  They are placed in a mini brownie bite with crushed Oreos on top.

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