Super Dad Super Snack

A super sweet snack for your Super Dad! Click here for full instructions on how to make this fun treat!

A cupcake "fore" Dad

A tee-rrific little treat for Dad.  For full directions, click here.

Father's Day Rice Krispie Treats

These super fun no-bake treats are so easy, even the kiddos can make them!  Simply slice a store bought Rice Krispie treat in half horizontally and frost with cookie icing.  Then add sprinkles and a tie made from a fruit roll up! -- Dad is gonna love these so make lots!!


One Cool Pop!

Here's an easy and fun party for your Pop! Grab all of Pop's favorite cool treats and you have one cool party! Here are some of my dad's favorites...

Root beer floats are one of my dad's favorites.  These mini floats are made with "Dad's Root Beer" of course!  What could be more perfect for Father's Day?

These cute little popsicle cupcake toppers were made from Mike and Ike candies. For a full tutorial on how to make these click here.

These mini hot fudge sundaes couldn't be easier to make. Just dress up store-bought ice cream cups with hot fudge, spinkles, whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Punch-flavored ice pops.  Mmmmm so easy to make - fill a disposable cup with punch, cover with foil and push a popsicle stick in the middle and freeze. Easy peasy.

Cut ice cream sandwiches in bite sized pieces, roll in sprinkles and YUM! My dad LOVES ice cream sandwiches!

Cool treats for one cool Pop!  Super easy, super yummy and so budget-friendly!  Your pop will love it!

For a free downloadable "One Cool Pop" sign, click on the PDF file below and print.

Adobe Acrobat document [339.3 KB]

A little note about my dad...

I definitely inherited my sweet tooth from my dad.  He made sure that we had dessert after every meal, even if it meant a small piece of candy.  To this day I feel cheated if I don't top my meals off with some sort of sweet treat!  I especially remember growing up Dad's love for ice cream and cold treats, so he totally inspired my "One Cool Pop" party.  And he is.  One Cool Pop. 


Dad is originally from Davenport, Iowa, but grew up in the Wisconsin area.  He has told me the ice cream back home is nothing like I've ever grown up with. Made with REAL cream and oh so good!  Dad is now 92 years young and served in WWII as a B-17 Bombadier and also served in the Korean War. 


When I was little he would take me by the hand and walk me down our long driveway and help me buy a popsicle from Popsicle Joe.  I'd get an orange popsicle and almost always he would get an ice cream sandwich.


Even today, whenever we have a meal together - usually once a week- we top it off with ice cream.  Or ice cream and a cookie. Or a root beer float.


So dad, you have been a HUGE influence on my love for all things sweet.  And I love the sweet memories that go along with them.  I love you Dad, you are one sweet, super cool Pop! Happy Father's Day!

Golf Inspired Father's Day

These donuts are sure to be a hole in one with any dad who loves golf!  We use store-bought mini donuts and frost them with green icing.  Then we sprinkle on shredded coconut tinted green.  Next push in a pretzel stick and attach a flag cut out of a fruit roll up with a little dab of icing.  Add a white Sixlets candy for the ball and you have yourself a sweet little treat, perfect for breakfast in bed for dad!


A golf themed Father's Day is perfect for my hubby.  He LOVES to golf.  How much does he love to golf?  Let's just say that when I was heavily sedated during the birth of our second son, my husband wrote down Nicklaus for our son's middle name on the birth certificate.  As in Jack. Seriously. I'm not kidding. *sigh*

I made these cute little golf flags out of scrapbook paper (from Michael's) and wooden chopsticks.  Yep, chopsticks. So there's your excuse not to cook tonight and order Chinese takeout. You need wooden chopsticks!

Now I know that most people don't have golf flags and buckets of golf balls just hanging around the backyard, but we do.  Really. So I thought instead of an umbrella, the table would look great with the flag in the middle!

The round white placemats were from Dollar Tree for $1 each.

For the placecards, I bought some styrofoam discs (2 for $1) at Dollar Tree, painted them green and wrapped scrapbook paper around the edge.  Then I stuck a golf tee in the middle and glued a plastic golf ball with the names written in Sharpie on them. Super easy and inexpensive project!

What do you serve to drink for a golf themed party?  Arnold Palmers of course! (Iced tea mixed with lemonade)

I filled these little golf buckets with popcorn.  I found them online at Home Team Golf. I thought they were super, um cool.

Happy Father's Day!