Golf Cupcake

Swing into sweetness with this tee-rific cupcake!


You will need:


Green Necco Wafers

Melted white chocolate

Green edible marker

Black edible marker

Red edible markers

White non pareil sprinkles

Frosted cupcakes

*Melted chocolatei in a squeeze bottle.


1.  With a green edible marker, color in the bottom third of a green Necco Wafer for the golf green.


2.  Using a red and black edible maker, draw the flag in the middle of the Necco wafer.


3.  Attach a white non pareil sprinkle on the golf green with using a toothpick dipped in melted white chocolate.


4.  Place the Necco wafer on top of the cupcake.


** You made add a chocolate heart by squeezing out the melted chocolate into a heart shape on parchment or wax paper.  Let dry completely and place on top of cupcake.






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