Cinco de Mayo

Hola Amigos! Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

Taco Cat Cookies - nacho ordinary treat. These cookies are so easy to make using Golden Oreos and Fruit Roll Ups. Get my easy directions on

Sweet Taco cupcakes!  I made the shell using yellow fondant.  I just cut a small circle with a mini round cookie cutter and gently folded it over.  The filling is crumbled chocolate cake, tinted green coconut and cut up circus peanuts!  

These sombrero cookies are so incredibly easy it's almost embarrassing.  I used store-bought cookies, already frosted and sprinkled, added a gumdrop, cut a little strip of fruit roll up for the band around the gumdrop and that's it!

Nach-o ordinary cupcake!  This Chips and Salsa topper is made from fondant and sprinkles. The bowl, pepper and chips are made from fondant.  Then I filled the bowl with red & green sprinkles for the salsa. 

Get your fiesta on!  Here are some Rice Krispie Treat Hot Chili Peppers to kick off Cinco de Mayo - Muy caliente! (But they are actually sweet. And kinda cute.) :)  I shaped rice krispie treats into pepper shapes, dipped them in red candy coating and added candy eyes and face with an edible black marker.

Rice Krispie Treat Cactus with a fondant sombrero.  Who knew cacti could be cute?

More cute cacti.  These are actually store bought brownie bites.  I put them in little pots and piped green frosting on top of them.  Then I added sprinkles for "needles" and a fondant flower.


** PLEASE NOTE - I used silicone type pots that are food safe.

Mmmmm Mini Margarita Cupcakes.  I got this recipe from Betty Crocker.  (I omitted the pretzels.)

Sponge cake sombreros were so fun to make with the kids.  We just used pre-made sponge cake cups from the grocery store as the brim of the hat and a sliced Twinkie for the top of the sombrero.  Then we decorated with icing and skittles.  With strawberry sauce poured over the top, it tasted just like a strawberry shortcake - mmmmmmm, muy bueno!

My individual dishes filled with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo look like the flag of Mexico.  A little sprig of cilantro in the middle tied it all together. I found these adorable little dishes at Pier One Imports.

Meet Chico - he's the mini pinata I found at Party City.  I had to name him because he was so darn cute!

Festive tissue paper flowers were such a bright spot on the tablescape - so easy and inexpensive!  Get all your tissue paper at Dollar Tree - I made ten of these for a dollar - all of the colors came in the same pack.

I mixed up my table settings, placing my mini chili pepper piñatas on some plates and using a pretty beaded napkin holder on others

The little pepper piñatas were simple to make with stuff I already had around the house – cardstock paper for the cone with green tissue paper and red streamers wrapped around it.  I filled them with Hot Tamale candy (of course)! For how-to's on this "chili pepper piñata project" (now say that 3 times really fast), click here for complete instructions.

I’m all set for Cinco de Mayo! Magnífico!(Now if I could just roll my “r”s...)




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