Fill these mini chili pepper pinatas with candy (I used Hot Tamales) for a fun party favor for your fiesta!  Muy bueno!!


1. Place a 7" or 8" salad plate on cardstock and trace around the plate.  Cut the circle out of the paper and cut in half.

Step 2

2. Form cone and secure with tape.

Step 3

3. Wrap cone with green tissue paper, taping the bottom. Fill with your choice of candy (I used Hot Tamales).

Step 4

4. Twist the top of the tissue paper to form a stem.

Step 5

5. Using red crepe paper, make small cuts halfway through the paper to create fringe.

Step 6

6. Carefully wrap the fringed crepe paper around the cone, securing it with a glue stick while wrapping.

Step 7

7. Continue wrapping until you reach the top. 


If you substitute the red crepe paper for orange, they make cute little carrots for Easter too!