Christmas Dessert Table - SWEET DREAMS!

When I dream of Christmas treats, I dream candy canes! These mini confections I created were inspired by a love for "all things mini."

Mini hot cocoa cups made out of marshmallows on top of a cookie. It's a regular size marshmallow and I spread melted chocolate chips on top and added tiny marshallows (Jet Puffed sells mallow bits). The handle is part of a small candy cane that I attached with melted white chocolate. I put it on a store bought cookie from Safeway - they come in a box and I just spread white chocolate on top. Decorated them with large and small tree sprinkles. Super easy!


Martha Stewart loved even the cookies I made and featured them on her show!  Here's the link.

Sweet polar bears made from powdered mini donuts and donut holes.  The bottom is just a mini donut. The head is a donut hole. The ears are Smarties, the paws are mini marshmallows -( I used a black edible marker for the paw prints) the nose is a mini m&m and the eyes are chocolate jimmies pushed in the donut. The scarf is a fruit roll up. Attach everything with white canned frosting :)

Inspired by Sharon Bowers, this cute little train is a NO BAKE snack!  The base of each car is made of Little Debbie rice cereal Marshmallow Treats.  The engine has a Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake roll cut to fit.  Then I added more rice cereal Marshmallow Treats to the back of the engine, 2 vertically and one horizontally on top.  The stack is a vanilla tootsie roll and a red m&m.


The log car has white chocolate Kit Kat bar sides, and candy cane stick logs.


The caboose is a cut up rice cereal Marshmallow Treat wrapped in a red fruit roll up.  I added a cut vanilla toostie roll and red m&m again for a small stack.  The wheels are starlight mints and the track is made from red licorice rope. I scattered coconut on the platter for snow!  It's so easy to put together with a little white frosting from a can.  This will be derailed in no time by your guests!



Mini gumdrop cupcakes. YUM.  Seriously. YUM.

Reindeer chocolate spoons.  So cute and easy to make!  Dip the spoons into Candiquik or melted chocolate and make sure you coat the back of the spoon too.  Then place on top of two mini candy canes laid out on parchment paper for the antlers.  Add candy eyes and a red M&M. Let dry.  Add a little ribbon and these are perfect for a snowy day.  They make great gifts too!

Tiny sleds made from wafer cookies & mini candy canes.

Danity candy cane flower lollipops in an edible pot (really candy cane shot glasses - but they are really candy!)

White chocolate truffle puppies and Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treat presents wrapped in fruit by the foot.

Candy trees

White chocolate Oreo reindeers.  I used the white chocolate Oreos (you can buy them pre-dipped this time of year, yay!) Add candy eyes, a m&m nose and white chocolate dipped preztels covered with red sugar sprinkles with melted white chocolate!

Mini candy cane hearts filled with white chocolate - inspired by CANDIQUIK & Glorious Treats!

My little fizzy candy cand "drink" is made of a candy cane Hershey Kiss, a mini candy cane, a Lifesaver, pearl sprinkles, a red hot and licorice rope. Held together by melted white chocolate chips (it's easier to assemble upside down).

My little fizzy candy cane "drink" is made of Candy Cane Hershey Kiss, a mini candy cane, a Lifesaver, pearl sprinkles, a cinnamon candy and licorice lace. Held together by melted white chocolate  (it's easier to assemble upside down). Perfect for your Elf on a Shelf!

As yummy as they are cute...

North pole cupcakes inspired by One Charming Party.

Ornament made from chenille stems and starlight candy.

Merry Christmas and SWEET DREAMS!

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Martha Stewart gave these little guys a thumbs up, calling them adorable and charming on The Martha Stewart Show! They are Martha approved - click here to see the video.