Children's Christmas Table - Nutcracker "Sweet" Table

Cute gingerbread cookies invite the kiddos to their own special table. 

Gingy is pretty cute right?  Wait...he's even better because he is 4 for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Decorating a kids’ table for Christmas has endless possibilities.  In fact, I thought of so many different themes for children, it was hard to decide on one.  I felt that the Nutcracker theme would be perfect.

A great idea is to have an older child read the Nutcracker book to the kids right before dinner is served, or have them watch it on DVD,  then when they sit down to eat, they will be thrilled to see the table decorated with the different nutcrackers. 

They will be even more excited to see the candy cane and gingerbread man cookie waiting for them on their plates.  Dessert before dinner!  Yay!

I found the large “blinged-out” nutcracker full of sequins at Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Crafts.  It was half price, and a real steal at $7.  I have seen similar, much more expensive nutcrackers for over triple the price, so shop around.  The smaller nutcrackers came from Rite Aid at $2 apiece and the mouse nutcracker was from Michael’s, using a 50% off coupon, only $7.

With the large nutcracker, I hot glued a small ring of greenery around it and use Christmas picks and ribbon to decorate it.  The candy canes and ribbon candy used for the centerpiece were from Dollar Tree.  I tried to make the centerpiece with as much bright color and sparkle as I could.  After all, what kid doesn’t like color and sparkle?

Turn those oatmeal cannisters into into little drums by cutting them down and painting them.  Then glue on leftover Christmas ribbon and sequins.  I glued the smaller nutcrackers on top and decorated them with Christmas picks I bought from Dollar Tree.

As an adult, I recommend sitting at the kids table at least once.  They will transport you back into time, especially at Christmas.  They have an excitement and innocence that is contagious.  Besides, smiling with orange wedges in your mouth and eating dessert before dinner is sometimes good for you.

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