Veggie Snack Shack

I know, you're shocked. Not my normal sweet treat. BUT I have 7 more pounds to lose until I reach my goal weight and have been snacking on rice cakes, veggies and hummus. 


It's kind of a bummer.


But I want to lose the weight before summer because I plan on going on some fun trips and I want to go overboard on dessert.


Yes, I diet and exercise just to eat chocolate and ice cream.


No apologies.


So I'm staring at my veggies and rice cakes and think, hey, I can make these cute. So I did. And it's a great way to get your kiddos to try new veggies too. 


It's a cute little snack that's vegan and gluten-free.


You will need:


red bell pepper


baby carrots

gluten-free rice cakes



or if you prefer, use cream cheese instead of hummus.

1.  Cut cucumber in a cube. Now make 2 slices on the top of the cube to form a point for the top of the shack.


Slice red bell pepper into 2 squares. Attach the red bell pepper squares to the cucumber point for the roof with hummus or cream cheese. It may be helpful to dry the cucumber and bell pepper with a paper towel to make sure they stick together.


Cut a small rectangle from red bell pepper for the door. Attach with hummus or cream cheese. 

2.  Make thin baby carrot slices for the stepping stones. Attach to rice cake with hummus or cream cheese.

3.  Separate broccoli florettes and attach to the rice cake with hummus or cream cheese for the trees.

4.  Using a small flower cookie cutter, cut out a flower shape from the cucumber. Cut out a small cube for the base.  Attach the flower to the cube with hummus or cream cheese. Attach to the rice cake with hummus or cream cheese.