Sweet Spring Peeps


No more fowl weather here - these sweet little blue bird Peeps are perching on a pretzel branch with cherry blossoms made from icing.

You will need:


Blue Bird Peeps

Pretzel Rod

Pretzel sticks

Green Tootsie Rolls or green Laffy Taffy

Pink icing flowers

Chocolate candy coating


1.  Melt chocolate candy coating according to package instructions.


2.  Attach small pretzel sticks to pretzel rod so that they resemble branches with melted candy coating.  Let dry on parchment or wax paper.


3.  Soften green Tootsie Roll or Taffy in microwave for approximately 5 seconds.  Shape into leaves.


4.  With melted candy coating, attach the leaves and pink icing flowers to the pretzel branches.


5.  Secure the Peep birds on the pretzel rod with melted candy coating.