Sweet Peas

Pretty peas make these for your sweet pea! 

You will need:


SweetWorks gumballs

Apple Laffy Taffy

Conversation Hearts that say "Sweet Pea"

Edible Marker - black

Heart sprinkles


1.  Draw a smiley face with a black edible marker on 2 gumballs.


2.  Microwave the apple taffy for about 7 seconds or until soft enough to shape.


3.  Roll the softened taffy flat into an oval shape.  Place the 2 gumballs on the taffy with the "Sweet Pea" conversation heart in the middle.  Shape the taffy around the gumballs so it resembles a pea pod.


4.  Place a small amount of the softened taffy on top of one of the gumballs and place 2 small heart sprinkles with the points together to make a bow.

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