Sweet Halloween Mouse

This squeaky little sorcerer is a sweet little treat.  Makes a cute cupcake topper too.

You will need:


1 Hershey's Kiss

1 White Jordan Almond

1 Pink confetti sprinkle

Black edible marker

1 Chocolate candy coating wafer

2 white Smarties candies

1 chocolate chip

1 star sprinkle

orange cookie icing

white melted candy coating


1.  Cut off the tip of the Hershey's Kiss.


2.  Attach the Jordan Almond to the Hershey's Kiss with melted white candy coating.


3.  With black edible marker make 2 dots for the eyes on the Jordan Almond.


4.  With a toothpick dipped in white melted candy coating, attach the pink confetti sprinkle to the tip of the Jordan Almond for the nose.


5.  Attach the chocolate candy melt wafer to the top of the Jordan Almond for the hat brim.


6.  Squeeze a small drop of the orange cookie icing in the middle of the chocolate candy melt wafer.


7.  Push a chocolate chip in the middle of the orange cookie icing.


8.  Place a star sprinkle in the front of the hat.


9.  Dip the white Smarties candies in the white melted candy coating and attach one on each side of the hat.