Sweet Christmas Train 

Inspired by Sharon Bowers, this cute little train is a NO BAKE snack! 


1.  The base of each car is made of Little Debbie rice cereal Marshmallow Treats


2.  The engine has a Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake roll cut to fit.  Secure with frosting. 


3  Add more rice cereal Marshmallow Treats to the back of the engine, 2 vertically and one horizontally on top.  The stack is a vanilla tootsie roll and a red m&m.  Attach everything with frosting.


4.  With frosting, make the log car with white chocolate Kit Kat bar sides, and candy cane stick logs.


5.  For the caboose cut up a rice cereal Marshmallow Treat and wrap in a red fruit roll up.  Add a cut vanilla toostie roll and red m&m again for a small stack and attach with frosting. 


6.  Secure the  starlight mint wheels with frosting.  The track is made from red licorice rope.


7.  Scatter coconut on the platter for snow!  


This will be derailed in no time by your guests!





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