Sushi Donuts

Super yummy donuts made to look like sushi.  A perfect little treat that's fun and easy for the kids to make!

You will need:


Mini chocolate donuts
White jimmies sprinkles
Fruit roll (I used Stretch Island brand,  grape, usually found in the organic section of the grocery store)
Gumdrops (orange green & yellow)
White frosting

1.     Frost top of donut.

2.     Dunk frosted top of donut into white jimmies.  (They look like rice).

3.     Cut gumdrops into small squares for "veggies".

4.     Arrange cut gumdrop squares on top of donut.

5.     Wrap side of donut with fruit roll.

6.     Cut the fruit roll so the ends overlap a little.  It should stick to itself. 

Have fun experiementing with different colored sprinkles like orange non-pareils to look like tiny fish eggs, swedish fish candies and more!  Sushi is Sweet!!!