Super Dad Super Snack

A super sweet snack for your Super Dad!

You will need:


1 store-bought Rice Krispie Treat

1 Vanilla Wafer

1 Blue Fruit Roll up

1 Red Fruit Roll up

1 yellow Starburst Candy

1 Black licorice

2 white confetti sprinkles

Black edible marker

Red Edible marker

White frosting


1.  With the black edible marker, place a dot in the middle of each white confetti sprinkle.


2.  Using a toothpick dipped in frosting, attach the confetti sprinkles to the vanilla wafer for the eyes.


3.  Draw a smiley mouth on the vanilla wafer with the black edible marker.


4.  Using a knife, slice off 2 pieces of licorice for the mask. Attach to the confetti eyes with frosting.


5.  Cut the Rice Krispie Treat in half.  Wrap with blue fruit roll up and trim to fit.


6.  Cut a rectange from the red fruit roll up for the cape and attach to the back of the Rice Krispie Treat with a little water or frosting if it doesn't stick.


7.  Flatten the yellow Starburst candy (you may soften for a few seconds in the microwave) and cut out a Superman logo shape.


8.  Outline the logo using a red edible marker and write "DAD" in the middle with a black edible marker.


9.  Attach logo with frosting to the front of the Rice Krispie Treat.


10.  Attach vanilla wafer head to the top of the Rice Krispie Treat with frosting.




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