Squirrel Snack

Munch a bunch of squirrel snacks! 

You will need:


Ritz Cracker

2 Mini Nilla Wafer

1 Mini Black Jelly Bean

2 Candy Eyes

1 Mini Marshmallow

2 Butterscotch Chips

Peanut Butter


1.  Attach Mini Nilla Wafers to Ritz Cracker with peanut butter for cheeks.


2.  Next, attach candy eyes with peanut butter above cheeks.


3.  Cut 2 small rectangles from mini marshmallows for teeth.  Secure under cheeks with peanut butter


4.  Attach black jelly bean nose and butterscotch chip ears with peanut butter.


The acorn is made from a Hershey's Kiss, a mini Nilla Wafer and a chocolate chip.  All held together with peanut butter.