Spring Chicken Peep Pudding Pies

An egg-cellent and easy treat.

You will need:


Lemonade Peeps

Vanilla or Lemon Pudding Cups

Mini Graham Cracker Crusts

Coconut Flakes

Jumbo red heart sprinkles

White candy eggs or jelly beans

1.  Place coconut in frying pan and toast on medium heat, stirring continuously until brown.

2.  Scoop out pudding and put into mini pie crusts.

3.  Push one red jumbo heart sprinkle in the top of the Peep's head. (Or make a little slice in the head with a knife). Cut another heart sprinkle in half and push it in the head behind the other heart sprinkle.

4.  Sprinkle the top of the pudding pie with toasted coconut.

5.  Place the Peep chicken and candy eggs on top.





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